Wednesday, April 21, 2010

008. (Bonjour, Troubadours!)

Every week or so, or at least once a month or something I want to feature a blogger or even someone I know outside of the blog-o-sphere on my blog. Either way, if they're featured it's totally with their permission! For my first "Bonjour ____ !" series I wanted to make it special. These series will include a small, brief interview about

This is Jen. She's one of my fashion inspirations. She makes thrifty looks absolutely fabulous. I'll be honest that her photographs are one of the reasons why I was inspired to take pictures again as well. Her looks just look so effortless but beautiful at the same time. It's safe to say that she is one of my fashion icons!

Name: Jen

* * * * *

Gazel: I know this is typical of me to ask, but how would you describe your personal style?
Jen: I get really nervous when describing my own style, especially because I feel like I'm still developing it every day. I guess all I can really say is that I love lots of color, and I love vintage-y geometric prints. I find things that are unusual to be terribly beautiful, and I love things that are on sale!

Gazel: Who or what is your style inspiration?
Jen: I guess my main style inspiration would be my grandma. When I was little, she used to babysit me all day and would take me to places like the salvation army, so I think that got into me at a young age. She also had a wicked sense of style; I've adopted many clothes from her old closet.

I also have to give props to everyone else who's blog or photo I have come across, the confidence alone is inspiring!

I also ADORE the style of daphne moon, from specifically the first three seasons of Frasier.

Gazel: What is your philosophy on dressing and style?
Jen: My philosophy when it comes to dressing myself tends to be very "Devil may care." I believe in dressing in ways that "flatter" my shape. I have gone out in very, very tight clothes that I'm sure others would cluck their tongue at, but that's exactly the kind of thing that makes me feel sexy. I would be noticeably uncomfortable in something I was wearing only to try to adhere to some sort of societal norm. I really just wear what I like, when I like; it's as simple as that.

Gazel: Who are your favourite bloggers at the moment?
Jen: Favorite bloggers at the moment include YFF Gabi, Sonia from Anomalous Allure, Mamushka Marie, Gabby from Corazones Rojos, Olivia from an Olive a day and YOU of course! :P

Gazel: What are your favourite pieces? What classic pieces do you like and what trendy pieces do you like?
Jen: Favorite pieces-- I have three really great vintage blouses that I've yet to use in a proper OOTD. (Something to look forward to, perhaps?) They have all of my favorite things: pussybows, unique geometric prints and fun colors. I also love my red wrap skirt from fashion bug, I wear that a lot. My wingtip ghillie heels are my current favorite shoe.

Classic pieces - Can't go wrong with a pair of black leggings and a trench coat! Also, my standard black/brown oxfords are always my go-to shoe when all else fails.

Trendy pieces - I admit, I'm a sucker for florals and tights that are either brightly colored and/or patterned.

Gazel: What's your favourite trend, if applicable? Are there any trends that you absolutely detest? Or how about a trend that you love but everyone else hates?
Jen: I guess my favorite trend would be the standard "hipster" uniform of a black floral dress with a woven belt, black tights and oxfords. I've been guilty of this myself! As for trends I don't like, hmm.. not really a fan of studs/or spikes. I don't know if I love something that everyone hates! The closest thing I have to that would be my floral romper, but I think with rompers, you either love 'em or hate 'em.

Gazel: What's your advice to the plus size people out there?
Jen: I know this is going to sound cliché, and I have said it before, but the only thing that matters when it comes to dressing yourself is how you feel in the clothes! This should be regardless of size. Another thing is to not force yourself into a trend. I was an editorial intern at details magazine from August - January, and when I first started working there, I definitely did not dress the way I wanted to, because I was so scared of fitting in. I thought I needed fancy designer-style looks; I even bought a fake Louis Vuitton purse. How silly of me! when I loosened up and started wearing more "Jen" outfits, I started getting noticed and getting complimented on my looks. I'm convinced it's because I felt more comfortable in what I was wearing and I owned it. I hope that helps!

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That concludes this series! If you want your blog featured you can e-mail me, which can be found on the envelope icon to your left under "Contact". Make sure to have a glance of her blog! xoxo


  1. Nice interview, really like! :) nice to get to know Jen better :)


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