Sunday, April 25, 2010

012. (Things I can't live without)

I was cleaning my room and arranging my clothes and sorting them out. There's always clothes that I lean towards--whether I go shopping or whatnot. Here's a list of things that absolutely must be in my wardrobe, stat. I think every girl should have at least a few of these things in their closets! I also take into consideration what is work-appropriate because face it, at one point in our lives we'll need to dress appropriately for a workplace later on.


Striped Tops

(1) ASOS
(2) Dorothy Perkins
(3) Faith 21
(4) Dorothy Perkins

I don't care what anyone says. Disregard the rules and myth that fat girls look bad in horizontal stripes. I think everyone should have at least one striped top in their closet. You can dress it down and up. Personally, black/white or white/black stripes will always remain a classic and therefore a staple in anyones wardrobe. I especially love striped tunics!

Light Coloured Pants

(1) Ralph Lauren Woman
(2) GAP
(3) La Redoute

Need I say more? Light coloured pants (more specifically, khakis) are fun and relaxing and are also good to wear to go to work if you need to dress "professionally". A light shirt and a brown belt and some cute sandals  can make a good outfit. You can pop in a blazer and some accessories and you're ready to go for the night! I've always been a firm believer in khakis and I have at least 3 of them in my own wardrobe!

(1) ASOS
(2) ASOS
(3) Torrid
(4) MXM


A good structured blazer can make or break an outfit! The great thing about blazers is that you can get them almost EVERYWHERE. Personally I love my blazers from thrift stores. You can find lots of obnoxious colours in there (ha, I love it!) and many fun patterns and prints. You can never go wrong with a plain black boyfriend blazer! Again, it can be casual and professional both at the same time.

(1) Ricki's
(2) Ricki's
(3) ASOS
(4) Fashion 4 US

Trench Coat

I love trench coats. It seems for me, every winter or autumn time I go to the store I find trench coats. The styles barely change. Trench coats are timeless. I don't think I need to explain myself. My favourite trench coats are actually from Canadian retailer, Ricki's. I also enjoy the brand "London Fog" for trench coats. It's a good investment and they can last for many, many years to come.

(1) American Apparel
(2) New Look
(3) Dorothy Perkins


Not everyone will agree with me on this but I totally think leggings are here to stay. Not only are they cheap (I see them on sales constantly for $10) but they're versatile with a lot of outfits. Leggings aren't limited to just leggings, but this applies to jeggings as well. Depending on which ones you buy they're comfortable and it can easily be dressed casually or the night out at the club. I personally style my outfits when they have leggings with a long tunic sort of top. I've seen others pair them with skirts but personally I don't wear them with that. Classic black is the way to go, but if you're feeling adventurous you can try other colours as well!

(1) Next
(2) American Apparel
(3) American Apparel
(4) Topshop


A lot of my outfits revolve around cardigans. I love all cardigans! Grandfather style, cropped, fancy, lacy, organic cotton... I love them all. Cardigans, depending on which you get, can make your figure look even more smashing and it's flattering. It can also be casual and cozy looking... cardigans can make and break a look, even! I love to throw on cardigans for a relaxing day at the town for some shopping. I also love cardigans for parties when I don't feel like wearing a blazer. My favourite blazers come from H&M and American Apparel.

(1) Alloy
(2) Faith21
(3) H&M
(4) Evans

Black Skirt

Whether it's bodycon or a flowy skirt, I believe the black skirt is a fashion staple. They come in so many forms! A flared out skirt perfect for high waist styles, or a bodycon style for those who are confident and out in the club. The possibilities are endless. Again, with the right black skirt, it can work for those professional settings. I personally love a collared shirt tucked into a high waist black skirt and worn with a belt and some accessories. A black skirt works any season-- in the spring or summer, wear them as-is with your favourite tops and accessories, or in the colder months, wear them with a fabulous pair of tights.

(1) GAP
(2) Torrid
(3) Dorothy Perkins
(4) Alloy

Skinny Jeans

Lastly, I think every girls wardrobe should have a skinny jean. Again, while not many people will agree with me I think it flatters some figures. Again, it won't work for every girl but I am a firm believer in skinny jeans. It isn't just for skinny girls. I love me some skinny jeans! I think that everyone should have a pair of skinnies in different colours: gray, black and the classic indigo. I personally don't like the lightest wash of jeans but if you can rock it, go for it!


Yup, so there you have it. These are the things that I believe every girl should have in their closet. They're all pretty tame but it's classic and I believe every trend that passes by, anyone can still have these and not look washed out. Personally I like trends and fads, they come and go. My favourite right now is flowy, light coloured dresses and denim jackets! It's just so carefree.

Next time I will post accessories (like shoes, scarves and whatnot) in a post similar to this.

To my readers, what are some of the things you believe every girl should have in their closet?



  1. I must admit I don't have leggings, skinny jeans, light coloured pants or a striped top in my wardrobe. Perhaps I'll try and branch out though. I definitely have a whole lot of cardigans, blazers and black skirts though (probably at least 6 of them, it's an addiction)
    Looking forward to the next post about accessories!

  2. awesome post hun! i think every girl should have a perfect daytime dress and a little black dress that can be accesorized to match whatever occasion.

    byyyyy the way... i just gave you an award ;D check it out at my blog!

    - Iza

  3. LOL i have at least 3-4 of everything in your list. hahahaha oh jeez i have a problem.

    don't forget to include a sexy dress! <333

    xo Allison <3

  4. I have almost everything but the trench! I only own one pair of leggings and that's because I just started wearing them LOL Love this post!

  5. I knew that Alloy skirt looked familiar.. I ordered it in yellow and it was of horrible quality! I wouldn't recommend someone spending $20 on it. It fit weird, and was really thin (no lining)

    Review aside--
    Nice clothing necessity list. I need to go shopping soon. I'm busy cleaning out my closet in my dormitory along with my storage, and whatever else is lurking in between.


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