Friday, April 30, 2010

016. (My favourite places to shop)

With no outfit posts as of late (the weather is far too depressing and I haven't been really out and about... or I wore nothing "special"..) I will try to break the silence. In particular, I've decided to write today about my favourite stores and whatnot. I love sharing with my readers! :) The list comes in no order because I love them all.

I probably left out some but these are my consistent favourites.



This store is really one of my favourites. Unfortunately I live too far to get immediate access to it. To be honest, if it were in my city I'd stop by at least once a week to look. A lot of people don't see Zara as "plus size friendly". But I think it's a lot like H&M in the aspect of baggy clothing and stretch. The sizes go from XS to XL or 0 to 16. The prices aren't so bad, especially their sales where a lot of their stuff is 5,99$ - 9,99$. For the prices they have, in my opinion, very good quality. I personally have a lot of Zara stuff in my wardrobe, all worn plenty of times and they have plenty of life left. If the "professional" office girl look isn't your cup of tea, they have lots more stuff like the Zara trafaluc brand, which is directed to the younger market. If that isn't enough to lure you in, they also have beautiful dresses that are baggy and flowy, plus they're likely to be on sale in a couple of weeks. Zara is really on trend as far as the runways go, and their stock changes almost weekly so if a trendy item is on sale, best grab it!

H & M

To me, if you stop by Zara at the mall and this store is in the same mall, you have to visit H &M as well. I almost see them as sister-stores, haha! H & M is famous for having fashion-forward items at an affordable price, as well as popular to the plus size bloggers for having stretchy, forgiving items. Like Zara, they have awesome sales as well. You can't go wrong with 5 dollar dresses and pants! H & M would be THE perfect store if it carried Big Is Beautiful line in North America. Their clothes from XS - XL, 0 to the occasional 16. Their stock changes very often as well, so that item you've been dying to have could go on sale, but you might risk it as well by the item being sold out before reaching the sales department! If clothes aren't your cup of tea they have fantastic accessories like jewelry, shoes and bags.

Forever 21

What girl hasn't been to F21? I mean, speaking from a view that Forever 21 is accessible in the area. A lot of their stuff is straight sized, but now they launched a line last year, Faith 21 that caters to the plus size folk from sizes XL to 3X. (12 to 18). Like the two stores above; it's trendy, fashion-forward and the stock changes almost weekly as well. While I love the clothes, I am the HUGE fan of their accessories. Everything is affordable (but quality... it's so-so) and there's so much to choose from. The jewelry is very cheap, stylish and the shoes and bags are the same. Forever 21 also sells cosmetics and nail polish if you're a beauty fan as well.

American Eagle Outfitters

This store may not be everyones cup of tea but I have to say this: their dresses are adorable... and affordable! They're simple and also very 'California beachy' style, which I love. American Eagle carries the most comfortable underwear (which goes up to XXL) and their jeans are comfy too, which also goes up to a size 18. Otherwise a lot of their stuff is alright, bordering Abercrombie/Hollister except they have extended sizes. I personally have a lot of dresses from this store and I am very satisfied. Their bathing suits are nice and last long too!


A few words to describe ASOS: Fashion forward, trendy and affordable... haha, do you see a trend here? This UK retailer sells a lot of trendy stuff at a fair price. Their straight size range usually goes up to a UK 20 and they also have a plus size range, ASOS CURVE, which goes to a 20 - 26 UK. They sell other brands too, such as Mango and French Connection being one of my favourites. If that wasn't enough, they also sell runway knockoffs (or at least designer knockoffs) for the fraction of the price, like the Chanel-quilted bag style or a bag that looks like the Mulberry Alexa.

Thrift Shopping

I am a total 100% thrift believer. I go thrifting once a week because it is affordable and it's like a treasure hunt. Granted, I don't buy stuff ALL the time when I stop but it's good to look. Try on things that look like they fit and make it work! I've found the best stuff from thrift stores, especially shoes. I even found a Yves St-Laurent shirt while thrifting in Quebec! The most hectic times to go are the 50% off days but they've always been worth it to me. You can't go wrong with sales.


eBay is like a drug to me. I need to be pulled away from it immediately. It really is the "ultimate" shopping tool. I've found the BEST stuff on eBay for under $10! Like a Mango dress, Dorothy Perkins clothing and shoes! It's a lot like thrift shopping: you need to put in effort to look for things and sometimes it's hit and miss. The things I love to do on eBay is look at 0,99 cent listings or 99 pence listings. For me, to succeed on eBay you MUST narrow down terms. For example: "Dorothy Perkins 22" or "Dorothy Perkins 22 dress", etecetera. The best places I've found is looking at international shops for me, aka in the UK. They have LOTS of 99 pence listings and I've got them for very low prices. Do not hesitate to ask questions on measurements to the seller, and ask about shipping costs as well!


So, where's your favourite places to shop?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

015. (Florals and Reds)

Today was a fairly boring day to say the least. Most of the day I stayed home and cleaned my room + watched TV and laze around, and apply for jobs and the like. The other portion of my day was taking my dog to the veterinary clinic and sending her to get spayed. I miss her so much, I won't see her until Thursday! She's my little baby.

My boyfriend said we were going out for dinner so I put a simple outfit. It's not "wow" but I like it. I definitely love florals this season and I love the colour red. I also am a big fan of brown accessories and such, so I used this opportunity to pair it with a belt.

Blazer Ricki's | Shirt Zara | Belt Reitmans | Skirt Dorothy Perkins | Shoes Dorothy Perkins | Watch Moms | Bracelets Forever 21

Excuse the spot on my shirt. I spilled some liquid on it or something and didn't notice until this picture, argh!

Here are the details on my accessories (haha boyfriend is behind me):

If you have time, check out my shop! I added more items such as cheap jeans from Old Navy, shoes, belts and more stuff!

Salut Gazel: Gazel's Shop

Check often because items are added often as well! :) Enjoy.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

014. (New Shop Opened!)

Hello my lovely readers, I've opened up a blog shop selling clothes I no longer wear because they no longer fit or it isn't my style. Maybe you lovely folks can give them a new home! Right now I'm adding more items, I'll probably be done by tonight... but check it out, prices are cheap and reasonable and so far, nothing over $25! Come in for a steal. ;) Click the link below!

013. (What's in a bag?)

Since Allison from Curvy Girl Chic and Jennifer from Jasifer Lions Club did this bag post, I decided to jump the bandwagon.

The Bag is a Zara taupe leather messenger-kind of bag. It's really roomy and I can fit my life in there, literally.

Dog and boyfriend not included, lol!

A closer look..

From left to right:

Top: Thrifted makeup bag: Covergirl mascara, Taiwanese roll-on eye shimmer, some eyeshadow, eye shadow brush; Epipen (for the boyfriend, he has horrible allergies to peanuts, eggs and kiwis *tear*); Pink netbook (with a Miles Edgeworth background, nonetheless, to solidify my geekdom); Bath and Bodyworks Vanilla sugar hand sanitizer; Guess Wallet; Forever 21 Coin purse.

Bottom: Sticky pads in shape of stilletos (lol); D&G glasses case for my other set of glasses; pen and pencil; Keys with Hello Kitty keychain; Hershey's Bliss chocolate; Nikon DSLR; Comb and a Bugs bunny napkin case. Yup.

Not pictured: My pink Nintendo DS lite. Yup, I was playing with it while taking a pic, lol! I'm always gaming while I'm waiting for something (like food LOL.) Also, my cellphone which is a crappy clamshell LG phone with a Hello Kitty charm anyway. Yeah, I like Hello Kitty... have been loving it since I was a wee lass, LOL.

This is the bag I typically use but I switch bags around so often, so... but this is the bag I predominantly use for University and running around.

In other news, I was going to buy this skirt from CarmaKoma since it was on sale, but Gabi sold me hers! I saved 20,00$ and I'm super happy, lol! Thanks Gabi.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

012. (Things I can't live without)

I was cleaning my room and arranging my clothes and sorting them out. There's always clothes that I lean towards--whether I go shopping or whatnot. Here's a list of things that absolutely must be in my wardrobe, stat. I think every girl should have at least a few of these things in their closets! I also take into consideration what is work-appropriate because face it, at one point in our lives we'll need to dress appropriately for a workplace later on.


Striped Tops

(1) ASOS
(2) Dorothy Perkins
(3) Faith 21
(4) Dorothy Perkins

I don't care what anyone says. Disregard the rules and myth that fat girls look bad in horizontal stripes. I think everyone should have at least one striped top in their closet. You can dress it down and up. Personally, black/white or white/black stripes will always remain a classic and therefore a staple in anyones wardrobe. I especially love striped tunics!

Light Coloured Pants

(1) Ralph Lauren Woman
(2) GAP
(3) La Redoute

Need I say more? Light coloured pants (more specifically, khakis) are fun and relaxing and are also good to wear to go to work if you need to dress "professionally". A light shirt and a brown belt and some cute sandals  can make a good outfit. You can pop in a blazer and some accessories and you're ready to go for the night! I've always been a firm believer in khakis and I have at least 3 of them in my own wardrobe!

(1) ASOS
(2) ASOS
(3) Torrid
(4) MXM


A good structured blazer can make or break an outfit! The great thing about blazers is that you can get them almost EVERYWHERE. Personally I love my blazers from thrift stores. You can find lots of obnoxious colours in there (ha, I love it!) and many fun patterns and prints. You can never go wrong with a plain black boyfriend blazer! Again, it can be casual and professional both at the same time.

(1) Ricki's
(2) Ricki's
(3) ASOS
(4) Fashion 4 US

Trench Coat

I love trench coats. It seems for me, every winter or autumn time I go to the store I find trench coats. The styles barely change. Trench coats are timeless. I don't think I need to explain myself. My favourite trench coats are actually from Canadian retailer, Ricki's. I also enjoy the brand "London Fog" for trench coats. It's a good investment and they can last for many, many years to come.

(1) American Apparel
(2) New Look
(3) Dorothy Perkins


Not everyone will agree with me on this but I totally think leggings are here to stay. Not only are they cheap (I see them on sales constantly for $10) but they're versatile with a lot of outfits. Leggings aren't limited to just leggings, but this applies to jeggings as well. Depending on which ones you buy they're comfortable and it can easily be dressed casually or the night out at the club. I personally style my outfits when they have leggings with a long tunic sort of top. I've seen others pair them with skirts but personally I don't wear them with that. Classic black is the way to go, but if you're feeling adventurous you can try other colours as well!

(1) Next
(2) American Apparel
(3) American Apparel
(4) Topshop


A lot of my outfits revolve around cardigans. I love all cardigans! Grandfather style, cropped, fancy, lacy, organic cotton... I love them all. Cardigans, depending on which you get, can make your figure look even more smashing and it's flattering. It can also be casual and cozy looking... cardigans can make and break a look, even! I love to throw on cardigans for a relaxing day at the town for some shopping. I also love cardigans for parties when I don't feel like wearing a blazer. My favourite blazers come from H&M and American Apparel.

(1) Alloy
(2) Faith21
(3) H&M
(4) Evans

Black Skirt

Whether it's bodycon or a flowy skirt, I believe the black skirt is a fashion staple. They come in so many forms! A flared out skirt perfect for high waist styles, or a bodycon style for those who are confident and out in the club. The possibilities are endless. Again, with the right black skirt, it can work for those professional settings. I personally love a collared shirt tucked into a high waist black skirt and worn with a belt and some accessories. A black skirt works any season-- in the spring or summer, wear them as-is with your favourite tops and accessories, or in the colder months, wear them with a fabulous pair of tights.

(1) GAP
(2) Torrid
(3) Dorothy Perkins
(4) Alloy

Skinny Jeans

Lastly, I think every girls wardrobe should have a skinny jean. Again, while not many people will agree with me I think it flatters some figures. Again, it won't work for every girl but I am a firm believer in skinny jeans. It isn't just for skinny girls. I love me some skinny jeans! I think that everyone should have a pair of skinnies in different colours: gray, black and the classic indigo. I personally don't like the lightest wash of jeans but if you can rock it, go for it!


Yup, so there you have it. These are the things that I believe every girl should have in their closet. They're all pretty tame but it's classic and I believe every trend that passes by, anyone can still have these and not look washed out. Personally I like trends and fads, they come and go. My favourite right now is flowy, light coloured dresses and denim jackets! It's just so carefree.

Next time I will post accessories (like shoes, scarves and whatnot) in a post similar to this.

To my readers, what are some of the things you believe every girl should have in their closet?


Friday, April 23, 2010

011. (Childhood)

Salut, mon nom est Gazel. Hi, I'm Gazel. For all my life, or at least most of my life, I was a fat girl. There have been times where I have been smaller; but for the most part I have always been "chubby". I guess now that I'm older, I'm just plain fat.

I guess as a child I've always been the fat kid. :) I think my story is different and in my childhood, I almost never got ridiculed by my peers about my fatness. Granted, there were times I felt that guys weren't interested in me because of my body, but now I know that I'm worth more. Keep your chin up high!

I also think I had a great style as a kid, rofl. Things didn't change: I still love the colour red... and frilly dresses, LOL.

But let's not talk about when I was 10-16 years old... yikes.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I'm officially done University for the summer! At least study wise. I still work at University... so I have to enjoy this last bit of freedom while I can, haha! Starting shifts are early... gotta wake up early.

Anyway. After my exams my boyfriend and I went to a Vietnamese restaurant to have their pho noodles. Honestly, I can say with confidence that the place is hands-down the BEST pho restaurant I've ever had the pleasure of eating. At 8,00$ the biggest bowl you can get, it's definitely the best deal ever. Yeah, now I'm rambling about food... that should go on my food blog, lol.

Dress Zara | Slip Thrifted | Watch My moms | Headband H&M | Sandals Spring, gifted from boyfriend. | Bag Zara


Well after that my boyfriend and my brother and of course. myself, went on a walk with my dog. :) Yup yup. Perfect day to take pictures. We went to Dairy Queen, too. If you guys have one you guys should totally take advantage of the buy one get one for 25 cents deal. I don't know if it's Canada only but you should check it out. We're totally abusing that mwahaha.

Mindi says bye!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

009. (New discovery)

Well, no OOTD post today because I was pooped after my exam and took a nap. So I didn't take any pictures and honestly, I was a mess. Haha! Anyway. I'm procrastinating yet again... the life of a university student, LOLZ. I've been pretty bad at studying right nowwww. Actually, some of you asked how my exam was for Classics today and I think I kind of blanked out at all the Latin terms. I totally underestimated the amount of Latin terms my professor would use... but I wrote an essay and I think I did good. Tomorrow is my psychology final (thankfully not cumulative) and I think I'll be fine. Hopefully.

So when I saw those Fashion Bug trousers on Jen I totally had to have them. Black skinny fit? Comfortable? CHEAP? YES PLEASE. It was only 23,00$ with shipping. When I was about to buy them... argh, they don't ship to Canada! Why the hell not?! I got disappointed quickly because I was so ready to buy it! Then I was searching on eBay and found these beauties:

First of all, if you guys haven't noticed already, I love Korean fashion. Well, "fob" fashion as the locals call it. It's cute and trendy. I often whine about there not being enough of those for us bigger people! When I found Gabigkr eBay store it was like a message sent from God above, LOL! What I love is that they used a PLUS SIZE model instead of a skinny Korean girl so we can see how it looks on plus size girls! The pants were 36 dollars but I really wanted a pair of black skinnies. So there it is. Another purchase.

If you look on Gabigkr's shop it's decently priced. Dresses from 50 dollars, pants from 20 dollars and a lot of cute graphic shirts (if you're into that sort of thing) from 10 dollars. In my opinion that is a STEAL. And they offer pants and belts that fit the hips! The measurements should be on the item descriptions... but according to the model description she is 5'6" ... I have no idea how it fits YET but since it's a Korean store I'm betting it's for shorter women. You never know, though, some retailers like to make bigger sizes and then make it for totally tall people. I hate having to shop at 5'5", you'd think I'd fit in the regulars section but the regular inseam is still too much for me. I have to shop at petites.

Anyway, yup... this is definitely a shop I'm going to shop at when I have the funds.

Speaking of which, I'm a transcriber for my local University that I go to and sadly, I work only from September to late March. So when my boss e-mailed me asking if I needed a job, I immediately took it. A student needed a transcriber. It's REALLY good money and I'll be doing it everyday from May until June. It'll get me some income until I find an actual stable summer job or even permanent part time.

Sigh, I'm not looking forward to the hassle of student loans and all that tuition/registration crap again. :(

I also have questions for my readers. What would you like to see from my blog? Do you want it to be soley outfit posts? Do you want me to include little blurbs of my life? Should I ramble about political (of course, has to do with plus size) issues? Or do you want a bit of everything? (Outfit posts, wishlists and whatever has been going on in this blog recently!) Let me know. I'd love to get feedback!

On my 100th follower I will hold a giveaway from one of my Korean/Chinese wholesale shops I loyally shop at, stay tuned!

008. (Bonjour, Troubadours!)

Every week or so, or at least once a month or something I want to feature a blogger or even someone I know outside of the blog-o-sphere on my blog. Either way, if they're featured it's totally with their permission! For my first "Bonjour ____ !" series I wanted to make it special. These series will include a small, brief interview about

This is Jen. She's one of my fashion inspirations. She makes thrifty looks absolutely fabulous. I'll be honest that her photographs are one of the reasons why I was inspired to take pictures again as well. Her looks just look so effortless but beautiful at the same time. It's safe to say that she is one of my fashion icons!

Name: Jen

* * * * *

Gazel: I know this is typical of me to ask, but how would you describe your personal style?
Jen: I get really nervous when describing my own style, especially because I feel like I'm still developing it every day. I guess all I can really say is that I love lots of color, and I love vintage-y geometric prints. I find things that are unusual to be terribly beautiful, and I love things that are on sale!

Gazel: Who or what is your style inspiration?
Jen: I guess my main style inspiration would be my grandma. When I was little, she used to babysit me all day and would take me to places like the salvation army, so I think that got into me at a young age. She also had a wicked sense of style; I've adopted many clothes from her old closet.

I also have to give props to everyone else who's blog or photo I have come across, the confidence alone is inspiring!

I also ADORE the style of daphne moon, from specifically the first three seasons of Frasier.

Gazel: What is your philosophy on dressing and style?
Jen: My philosophy when it comes to dressing myself tends to be very "Devil may care." I believe in dressing in ways that "flatter" my shape. I have gone out in very, very tight clothes that I'm sure others would cluck their tongue at, but that's exactly the kind of thing that makes me feel sexy. I would be noticeably uncomfortable in something I was wearing only to try to adhere to some sort of societal norm. I really just wear what I like, when I like; it's as simple as that.

Gazel: Who are your favourite bloggers at the moment?
Jen: Favorite bloggers at the moment include YFF Gabi, Sonia from Anomalous Allure, Mamushka Marie, Gabby from Corazones Rojos, Olivia from an Olive a day and YOU of course! :P

Gazel: What are your favourite pieces? What classic pieces do you like and what trendy pieces do you like?
Jen: Favorite pieces-- I have three really great vintage blouses that I've yet to use in a proper OOTD. (Something to look forward to, perhaps?) They have all of my favorite things: pussybows, unique geometric prints and fun colors. I also love my red wrap skirt from fashion bug, I wear that a lot. My wingtip ghillie heels are my current favorite shoe.

Classic pieces - Can't go wrong with a pair of black leggings and a trench coat! Also, my standard black/brown oxfords are always my go-to shoe when all else fails.

Trendy pieces - I admit, I'm a sucker for florals and tights that are either brightly colored and/or patterned.

Gazel: What's your favourite trend, if applicable? Are there any trends that you absolutely detest? Or how about a trend that you love but everyone else hates?
Jen: I guess my favorite trend would be the standard "hipster" uniform of a black floral dress with a woven belt, black tights and oxfords. I've been guilty of this myself! As for trends I don't like, hmm.. not really a fan of studs/or spikes. I don't know if I love something that everyone hates! The closest thing I have to that would be my floral romper, but I think with rompers, you either love 'em or hate 'em.

Gazel: What's your advice to the plus size people out there?
Jen: I know this is going to sound cliché, and I have said it before, but the only thing that matters when it comes to dressing yourself is how you feel in the clothes! This should be regardless of size. Another thing is to not force yourself into a trend. I was an editorial intern at details magazine from August - January, and when I first started working there, I definitely did not dress the way I wanted to, because I was so scared of fitting in. I thought I needed fancy designer-style looks; I even bought a fake Louis Vuitton purse. How silly of me! when I loosened up and started wearing more "Jen" outfits, I started getting noticed and getting complimented on my looks. I'm convinced it's because I felt more comfortable in what I was wearing and I owned it. I hope that helps!

* * * * *

That concludes this series! If you want your blog featured you can e-mail me, which can be found on the envelope icon to your left under "Contact". Make sure to have a glance of her blog! xoxo

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


No outfit post today, but rather I want to give a sneak peek on two recent purchases I made online! Well, 3 if you count glasses.

My first purchase was this striped long-sleeve from ASOS. I first saw a similar top at Zara in Florida. First, I have to tell you, in Winnipeg there is no Zara so it's REALLY painful for me (figuratively speaking, of course) that there's none here. It's absolutely my favourite store. Anyway, I saw that dream sweater of mine a few months ago and I was dying to have it. Unfortunately it didn't have the size I wanted so my dreams were crushed. Then when I returned to Canada my co-worker was wearing the exact same shirt! Ah. It made me frustrated and I searched EVERYWHERE... the mall, individual stores, online and thrift stores. Nothing. Until I searched ASOS and found this beauty.

I can see myself wearing this in all the seasonal months. I've always been a long-sleeve person anyway, no matter which season it is. I mean... this top is pretty versatile. I can wear it with jeans, with shorts, tucked into a skirt and whatnot. If done appropriately you could pair a lot of colours with this top as well.

People are going to hate on the stripes but all I gotta say is haters, keep hating. I don't care what size I am, I'm going to wear stripes (and it's WHITE of all things) whether you guys snicker and sneer all you want.

When I heard the press about the Garden collection from H&M I was immediately attracted to this dress when I saw the press photographs. Again, it makes me angry that there's no H&M in this blasted city... yet. So I silently weeped and kind of forgot about it until I saw it on CurvyGirlChic my love got rekindled and now I knew I had to absolutely buy it. Well, I broke down and bought it from eBay. I'm eagerly awaiting what the postman has in store for me!

I would pair this dress with some strappy sandals. It's got a very spring look. Also, I love florals. I love tacky floral prints. I love colour. I love white. Above all, I love dresses. Yup, this dress has it all for my aesthetic.  I totally feel like Little Asian on the Prairie with this dress, haha!

My last purchase is a pair of specs from Zenni Optical. You guys won't believe how much I spend on glasses every 2 years. My prescription is a whopping -6.25 and to top it all off, I have astigmatism. Contact lenses irritate my eyes and whether or not I decide to use glasses or contacts, the bill is still steep. I bought a pair of Dolce and Gabanna glasses recently and while they're fun, sometimes those glasses aren't appropriate for some outfits. I have another pair of glasses already, but I ordered another pair for those days I don't want to be stared at because I'm wearing "hipster glasses." For 8,00$ and some extra fees the purchase came under $40! It's not bad compared to my usual bill of over 500,00$...

So after these purchases my wallet is kind of mad at me. For privacy sake (and my mother or family, as much as I don't want them to... you know, read my blog) I won't state the prices but for the sake of having nice things, I'm willing to make a small sacrifice. I'm just eagerly awaiting a job because contrary to some beliefs, it isn't fun being unemployed. :(

Also, thanks for following me! I'm happy I even have followers in a small span of time. Tell your friends! Haha.

Monday, April 19, 2010

006. Another update...

Hello readers! I hope you're not tired of me yet! As promised, trying to keep a daily outfit post if possible! :p  I studied all day then my boyfriend surprised me with a sushi date and afterwards we went out to Dairy Queen. (oh sweet, sweet suicide, heart attack! haha.) Now I'm back at home procrastinating studying and well, posting this!

Blazer Thrifted | Shirt Zara | Necklaces Forever 21 and my mom | Skirt eBay | Shoes Thrifted

I opted for heels but I wanted something comfortable... they have an ultra low heel but you really can't see on the pictures but they're definitely not flats. :(
As for the blazer, gosh, when I found this at Goodwill I had to have it. It was calling out for me and for 5,00$ how could you say no?

The shoes were only 5,00$ at the thrift store as well. I loved the colour and the low heel so I had to buy it too, of course!

I'm pretty happy with this outfit. This outfit cost less than 50,00$ and it's very thrift-friendly and affordable for any college student, in my opinion. You can never have too many blazers and shoes, I tell you! I'm addicted.

005. Lusting.

Once in a while I like to do some window shopping. I don't know how to describe my style. All I know is that I'm still in a search for it, but I definitely love chic and trendy stuff but as well as flirty, vintage styles.

One love I definitely like is "fob fashion" (I hope no one takes offense to that term!) Simply put, it's fashion from Hong Kong and Korea. People may know about Zipia and I know for years I have been lusting over their stuff. Sometimes I will find a gem in the rough but generally the sizes are for skinny, petite Asian people in mind. It's all trendy stuff and it's really hard to come by for plus size people like me. Another bad thing too is that you have to have a minimum order of $300 I believe. (Last time I checked it was $500) so usually people buy off sprees.

The only time I can get those is if I visit those countries myself. After some research I found a website that sells clothes I bought in Asia... no kidding, like the EXACT same clothes you'd find in a stall in Asia! I found Wholesale-dress. It's really complicated from first glance but if you do a bit of effort digging you will find stuff. On the search bar, you just need to put "plus size" and it'll show all the plus size clothing available. There's also bags and shoes as well! What I love about WSD is that their stuff is cheap and the shipping is by weight... also, if you buy more you save more on shipping. Personally I've ordered $200 worth of stuff from them and the quality is not 100% but it's good, especially their chiffon pieces. They give exact measurements and like most clothes that us Plus size ladies have to deal with, you gotta eyeball the material. Some stuff which isn't listed as plus size can work, but you gotta look through literally thousands of clothes and look at the measurements, etc. A lot of the stuff is freesize.

Without further ado, here's the stuff I'm lusting for from WSD. I totally love the flirty/girly vibe going on in the outfits!

These models are totally my inspiration, besides of course, fabulous Plus size bloggers! As you can see I love chiffon and flowy dresses. I also love pink and girly pieces. Sadly I can't afford it at the moment so I'll keep drooling.

Here's the shoes I really want from WSD as well.

If you haven't noticed, I like brogues. I need to take them out of storage so I can now wear them for the summer!
Now only if I had a few hundreds to shell out, lolol. When I do get the money, expect a giveaway paid for personally by me in the future! I hope to do a giveaway when I meet a certain amount of followers. Please follow me and spread the word if you haven't already! :)