Friday, July 23, 2010

055. (Floral Maxi)

Let the drama dissipate as I post an outfit post. Back to the outfits for me!

I love maxi dresses but I could never find one I LOVED. Until I saw this beauty on ASOS curve. It's cute, feminine and still retains the boho look which I love. Pair it with a denim jacket and you have something cool and casual. I can't wait to wear this to the beach!

Dress ASOS CURVE | Jacket Garage Sale | Shoes Dorothy Perkins | Bag Paramix

The material is gorgeous. It's soft and pink and not too heavy, definitely something wearable in the summer months. My only complaint is I should've ordered down because it's way too big on the bust and the straps are too big and slides off my shoulders. Oh well!

What I did today.. hunt for jobs (I snagged another job, lol. More flexible to my schedule!), chill at home and then go out to dinner with my bf and brother.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

054. (Apologies)

After re-thinking and getting out of the house (and having fun and going out to sushi with my boyfriend) I've decided this is nonsense and I overreacted.

I apologize to my readers for the nonsense and rage I put up earlier. I want to address that first and foremost, this is my blog. What does that mean? I can post whatever I want to. This journal... I guess I didn't make it clear enough, is not a business blog. It's a plus size outfit diary. I list my days that I've had fun and post outfits if need be. I'm not claiming to be Vogue blogging about fashion and strictly fashion. This blog is part of me and if my feelings are part of me, you will see it on this blog.

I only posted a business section on my blog because if the opportunity arises, the information is right there. I honestly don't know where the ridiculous idea of me being desperate and begging for business came in play, but I assure you all that was not my intent and if I offended anyone, I'm sorry I offended you. I figured other blogs had a business section, and even some with less followers than I did, so I thought why not? I didn't know it'd be a big deal anyway... and I certainly didn't know it'd bother people that much.

I'm also sorry for swearing earlier. I really can't keep my emotions in check. Hey, we all can't be perfect and I certainly am not. That's the charm of people, right? Everyone can't be all nice, dainty and cute. This is me, I am Gazel and this is my blog. I appreciate every single one of my readers and all your guys support. I don't care if I have 10 readers or 167-- I love my reader base and I don't care if it's small in anyones standards. I'm happy that I have any at all. So this is a big thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I will never stop blogging, I promise you guys that. Even if no one reads anymore I still will, because I never started blogging for freebies or anything. I blog because I love it and I can express myself and take pictures of my outfits. I am not doing it to please anyone else but myself.

Why do you guys blog?

053. (Rude)

This is my blog and I can post whatever I want, including my thoughts. Even if they're negative thoughts.
I know, I know, don't feed the trolls but I assure you all this is the LAST time trolls will be able to post shit on my blog. I've now moderated comments and you and your rude ass can get the fuck off my blog. If you don't like what you read, why bother, really? Is it so hard to find the "[X]" button on your right hand side of the screen? Why is it so hard to comprehend?

This is triggered because today, I found some anonymous person criticizing the stuff I'm selling on my blog. Whoever you are, you coward, if you don't like what you see don't even bother! Do you think your rude comments will change anything? No. I'm just going to delete what you say and move on with my life. No, it isn't about free speech, it's my blog! So I can dictate what is said on my blog and if you don't like it you shouldn't have been such a rude person anyway.

Then someone from an internet forum told me some person made a comment on my "business" link on my blog. I deleted it but it said, "Oh, another blogger BEGGING to review something! You have no reader base so why would they send stuff for you to review?" I never STATED I was begging for ANYTHING so sit the fuck down. I wasn't even begging. I see my blog also as a potential business tool as well. If potential people want to e-mail me questions or send me stuff to review, why can't I make a page about it? Just because I'm leaving a page doesn't mean I'm begging for a review. If there's no contact information then where can people find it? You must be a very bored, sad pathetic person if you really feel the need to comment such rude things on someones blog.

Well I needed to get this off my chest.

If you feel the need to say rude, snarky shit at me, GO AHEAD. DO IT WITH HONOUR, THOUGH. Don't make yourself anonymous. Don't be a fucking chicken shit. People these days are scared cowards who cannot own up to their words.

I dare you to post your same comment with your username.

Sigh, the nerve of some people.
I'm lucky I haven't gotten a post yet about anything. Even if you will, I'll still delete those rude comments. I will move on with my life and I suggest you do the same.

052. (Salut Gazel)

It's been a while since I've advertised my blog shop, but just reminding y'all that I do have a blog shop and I am continually adding more items throughout this week! From a variety of sizes from 10 to 24, there's something for everyone here. Items also include shoes and accessories which will be added in the future!

Nothing is over $20 right now. A lot of the clothes aren't even used or worn out at all. Snag yourself a great bargain and happy shopping!

Click here to go to the blog shop.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

051. (In preparation for autumn)

Lately I've been searching for the perfect black bomber. I found one on ASOS curve clearance for about $80, I believe it was real leather (not exactly a bomber) and just before I was going to order... well, SOLD OUT. :( Ouch. Well ASOS curve has a new leather bomber out for sale and as soon as I get the money, guess what's coming home to me? Leather bombers (or faux) are classic, timeless pieces for the fall. It gives an edge and a toughness to an outfit.

Other pieces I'd like include wide calf boots (I hope Target releases the "Kady" Mossimo boots again! They were PERFECT). Though I have knee-high black boots, I'm looking for a more structured boot and I probably will be investing in a pair (perhaps Duo? Perhaps not).

More things I wish I invested in are more ASOS jeggings. They're definitely going to be a staple of mine in the winter time. They're thick and comfy. When I get paid I will definitely buy the mid-wash and another pair of the darker wash!

No one can forget scarves. They're the perfect accessory in the autumn time.

I love autumn fashion, even much more so than summer fashion! I'm all about the jackets, the tights, skirts with tights, darker colours (gasp) and boots! I love scarves and the weather. It's not mindblowingly humid and sticky. It's cool and not too cold as well. Ah, autumn. Thinking about it gives me jitters. I'm actually excited for school to start.

What do you feel about autumn fashion?

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Tank and Culottes ASOS Curve | Denim Jacket Garage Sale | Shoes Marisa

Today I went to the beach. SO HOT, so good. There wasn't any waves like last time, but oh well, I still had a smashing time! I didn't feel like wearing a dress today at the beach so I wore my culottes instead. I did have a bathing suit but I'm way too shy to post it just yet. :P Hehe. I also wore a beautiful sarong from Cuba my "mother-in-law" bought for me, I got lots of compliments!

Best of all, I get to spend time with my family.

All in all, a great day. I had a wonderful supper and some ice cream to top it off. I'm probably going to watch some TV now, toodles everyone.

PS: By the way, you might notice the photo quality is somewhat lacking, it's because I bought a point-and-shooter digital camera for ease. It's not easy lugging around a huge DSLR while going to the beach (and getting sand in the gears, grr.) or going to places where it can easily break/get lost. So I bought a smaller camera for quicker shots and stuff! :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

049. (Harem Pants)

Blazer Ricki's, from a garage sale. | Tank Bluenotes | Pants Dorothy Perkins | Necklace Aldo | Belt Winners | Shoes Thrifted

Today I went to go get my brows waxed because I am way too lazy to do it myself. No, my brows weren't waxed yet in this pic.

Afterwards I had to go to DHL and pick up my ASOS curve package. Freaking $66 CAD in CUSTOMS FEES! Insane. I'm happy with most items, kind of iffy on the other stuff but I'll keep it anyway because I am looking to lose weight. The only problem is that one of the blazers I ordered fits good, except the arms which are a bit snug but still wearable. I'm kind of disappointed with the culottes. While they're beautiful and silk, I expected the garment to be much thicker. It's really thin and I'm not feeling the quality on this garment. Oh wells. I also had a skirted leggings, which wasn't quite as I hoped, but I can make it work somehow in the winter. I had thought about making it into a jumpsuit because it's big enough to do so. Besides those items (and the linen skirt I ordered which is TOO SHORT for me) I am happy with my purchase. I have so much stuff now! Hehe.

This weekend, I'm stoked. Going to the beach, going to shop with my friend... it'll be awesome.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

048. (THAT dress..)

It's THIS dress. The dress every fa(t)shion blogger has been wearing since the dawn of time... or when ASOS curve came out. The infamous white "lace" dress! I've been waiting for this dress to go on sale, I actually got it three months ago but I was too lazy to take a picture. It's nothing special or anything, and I feel other girls rock the dress harder than I do but I feel damn good in the dress. It makes me feel like a pretty princess! Plus it's on sale for like $27 USD right now so go score yourself a bargain! I got mine for $50, alas.

Dress ASOS Curve | Bracelet/Watch My moms | Shoes Kenneth Cole, borrowed from my mom.

The shoes are so comfy btw. They might not be ~the best~ but I felt like wearing some "sandals" for a change. Today we went out for Burger King (so much for being healthy, but this is my treat for this week) and then we saw a movie at the discount theatre. Oh, I also went thrifting and found these killer Keds boots for only $7! They look brand new and they're going to look adorable in the winter months! They're booties not boots... haha.

I quit my job, by the way if you guys didn't know. Looking for a better one. My summers been great. I'm normally against tanning (for MANY reasons) but I like my tan for some reason. I'm also looking forward to the beach again this Sunday! I love the carefree life. I want to enjoy my vacation instead of working stupid hours and never EVER getting a weekend off. I love spending time with my family. Oh... and I ordered a huge ASOS curve order which should be coming by next Wednesday! Super stoked.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

047. (I HEART New York)

Big bad news.
One news is I'm probably going to quit my job. I have things going on so I'm on a lookout for another one... hopefully I'll find something more suited to my schedule.

Skirt ASOS Curve | T-Shirt eBay | Shirt Thrifted Tommy Hilfiger | Belt Thrifted | Shoes Marisa

Today I went shopping and out to lunch. I miss having my Saturdays off and now I'm free (and I'm going to the beach tomorrow, haters to the left~ haha.) so good. I bought a swimsuit bottom for the occasion, the one I bought yesterday came out a bit quite smaller than I had hoped.

To brief my adventure I went to the mall, bought a top because I ruined my shirt I am wearing in this picture (lol) by eating a chocolate covered brownie. If you think brownies are decadent enough, I was intrigued to find at Rocky mountain Chocolate factory (I worked there in the past) to find that they had frozen chocolate covered brownies on a stick. To tell you the truth it's actually quite dense and good, but it's nothing mindblowing like I hoped it'd be. It's a brownie with a layer of milk chocolate on top. It wasn't even cold either. I prefer the cheesecake on a stick, har har har.

Friday, July 9, 2010

046. (Stripey)

Today was an exhausting day. Work was boring and after I went shopping and out to sushi and my feet hurt. So when I got home, I look tired and my outfit and posture and everything has been all, well... "frazzled out". Hahaha.
Sorry the pictures aren't so great. It looks light outside but it's actually dark in the photos. It results in blurriness.

Shirt and Jeggings ASOS | Bag Paramix | Shoes Thrifted | Belt Reitmans

Yummy, sushi. I went shopping and bought a new pair of gladiator sandals and a swimsuit hoorah! The mall was closing so I couldn't take advantage of the mall-wide sale. So many good deals for $5 - 10!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

045. (Romp, romp, romp...)

Hello everyone! Today was extremely humid and boring at work today. It was HOT as hell, my hair broke out in a disaster again, haha.. but today was a fun day despite going to work! I woke up early, made breakfast in bed for me and my boyfriend and then we went out for a small sushi lunch at a local sushi joint (only $9,00 for a combo at lunch!)

Romper Thrifted, Addition Elle. | Jacket Garage Sale | Shoes Thrifted | Bag Paramix

Yeah, rompers don't work for everyone but I personally love it. It's comfortable and it's a mix between a romper and the culottes... plus, who doesn't love polka dots? My tummy is sticking out and I don't give a darn about it! This is what I wore to work, got compliments but got bored. I work at a call centre for now and while it pays good it's so boring. Oh well.

Afterwards boyfriend and I enjoyed dinner at a local diner. I've never been to one before and I'm amazed on how huge portion sizes are. The burger was HUGE, like, my face huge. There was a whole stack of fries I couldn't even finish the fries.. and my whole meal was like 8 dollars. My boyfriend loves club sandwiches and now I believe it's his new favourite restaurant, haha.

Tonight we're going to see The Last Airbender. I'm a big Avatar: The Last Airbender fan so it might be interesting.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

044. (I'm back!)

Hey everyone, I'm back with a new outfit post! Lately I've been busy working and going to my dads house I either forget my camera or I wear a boring outfit. Today's outfit looked a lot better in person but it's hard to get a decent outfit post when you feel like crap; for one it was extremely humid. I'm talking A SAUNA hot. Second, it  was rainy earlier so my hair got frizzed out, my skin became super oily and my clothes got wrinkled and ruined by the rain.. so I apologize. :(

Jacket Thrifted | Dress H&M Garden Collection | Leggings Ailes de la Mode | Shoes Thrifted | Necklace Aldo

Despite that, today was great! I celebrated Canada day with various festivals. I went to a street festival, while humid, it was great. I spent time with family and I got to drink a new drink from Starbucks.

Then I went to a local store, Paramix, and I saw this beauty:

ITS A MULBERRY ALEXA REPLICA! I've been drooling over this bag for AGES. I know a lot of you are against replicas but hell, I don't care. I'm a student and I CAN'T afford a freaking almost $2000 bag. I don't even care if it's Mulberry. I love the style and that's all there is to it. I nearly fainted when I saw this bag. Yeah, it's a bit steep of my budget at $75 but it is better than spending $2000 I don't have right now. I'm so happy!

Afterwards my mom took us to Spicy Noodle house. It looks good but it tastes bad. Eugh.

For dinner my boyfriend and I split a pizza: Tuscan and Spicy Pierogi pizza. If you're Canadian head to Boston Pizza and try the Pierogi pizza. Mmm mm.