Tuesday, August 31, 2010

067. (Summer's coming to an end.)

Tomorrow is September, which means August is officially over. In Winnipeg, the summer is already done. The warm weather is non-existant and is replaced by rain and cold winds. Part of me is sad and part of me is happy. Yay for fall fashion and layering! Boo to the horrendous weather to come. It was a bit chilly today so I decided to take out my taupe silk batwing jacket I scored at a thrifting haul a few months back for $3!

Silk Jacket Thrifted | Shirt Some random store in the mall, now closed. | Skirt ASOS Curve | Belt Thrifted | Socks H&M | Shoes Thrifted

I am totally digging the colours right now. Bring on the gray, taupe, brown and blacks! I'm quite frankly kind of over overly bright colours...

I hadn't realised I had a stain on my shirt. I'm going to try and get rid of it but if it's not going, it's going away. :( I've had this shirt since I was 13, lol!

I love these shoes and socks combo!

Also, personal wise, I have a job now... well I always did, but now I have more hours at said job, which means more $$$!

066. (Wanting some Faith)

I know, I know, I'm lacking outfit posts lately but that's because I have nothing particularly outfit-worthy to show to you guys. I recently went out camping and you know, you don't exactly dress up while you go to the great outdoors. I've been at home lately, preparing for school and such... by the way, my job got me more hours! Not only will I be studying but I'll be also working lots... thankfully it's at my University so I can dress casually, which means more outfit posts!

I've been browsing through Faith 21 and they've really stepped up their game. There's some fab items I'm wanting currently, hehe. Thankfully it's fall: layers, layers and layers! Oh, I did some shopping yesterday too at the Value Village 50% off sale, expect to see my finds later.

Here's my current picks from Faith 21.

Reminds me of the kimono sleeve dress from ASOS.

If this came in mustard yellow with black print, I would be in love.

Can't wait to start working haha. :) I have to clean my closet out for storage. Summer is nearing it's end and no more summer looks for yours truly.

I'm also loving lately how they styled the models. It's not just the garment, but they layer and plan the outfits too. Total fashion inspiration.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

065. (Oh, how I covet thee..)

What's more dangerous than window shopping? Online 'window' shopping. I've got no money on me right now, but hopefully when I pay all my bills (and hopefully get the job I want) I'll be buying some stuff. Here's some things I've been really wanting... I can see myself wearing this for school and layering up for the fall season.

Dorothy Perkins is having their clearance sale right now, along with an extra 20% off clearance! If I were to buy some things from them right now, here's some stuff I'd buy...

Florals are never over for me. I am currently digging the romantic, lighter colours right now even though it's slowly transitioning to fall now. I was never really digging the dark colours anyway. I can see these pieces working for the summer sans tights, and during the colder seasons with a jacket or cardigan with tights.

Another store I've been looking at is Forever 21 and Faith 21. I've been wanting the Miu Miu inspired shoes but even they're sold out in Canada Forever 21! There's some Jeffrey Campbell inspired wedges and Topshop inspired booties too that I'd like to buy. (Perhaps later on I'll actually buy the real things..)

Ah, a girl can dream huh?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

064. (WSD)

I know that I mentioned wholesale-dress.net earlier when I opened my blog back in April. I just think that store isn't as well appreciated! Lots of people from around the web (and message boards I go on) have asked where I got my gray satchel, I got it here for $10. Yeah, it sounds like a good deal and it is!

There's a catch though. The shipping is really pricy. Well, not THAT pricy if you plan on ordering a bunch of things. Essentially the shipping is calculated in kilograms. It's $14 for the first 1 kg I believe then it goes upwards by dollars.

I'm not complaining because they have really good deals. Dresses for $13, shoes for $10 to $20, and best of all their BAGS (especially their satchels) for $10 or less! Stuff does sell out fast so if you want it, grab it. The likelihood of stocking is really low.

I've been using their service for years and you do NOT need to order bulk orders (unless you want to) you can order one piece by one, which is great. The customer service is great if you don't mind broken English. They have a live chat which they help you out on questions and concerns. :)

Here's some commonly asked questions about it:

Do they ship around the world, if so how much?
They should ship around the world, you should look at the shipping guide. To Canada for me, for two bags the shipping was $20. :/ But I got two bags for $20! I am very happy with them.

What is the quality like?
Like Forever21 quality. It's not the best, it's not the worst. Their clothes are actually pretty fairly made. The bags are not real leather and are made of PU leather I believe. Just don't expect it to be designer quality and you should be happy with it, I am!

What is Free-Size?
It's usually size XS to medium. They usually specify their measurements in cms on the site.

Does Wholesale-Dress.net offer plus sizes?
If you search "plus size" on the site it should bring you to the plus size garments.

The stuff I want is out of stock, can I still order?
I believe you can book orders but I don't know how the outcome will be. Sometimes they restock their items, sometimes they don't.

So now here's some of my favourite picks from WSD for the fall.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

063. (Pastel Blues)

Keeping it girly today with this outfit. This dress is from ASOS curve, I got it on the sale for 10,00$ ish.. good deal. It's feminine, cute and summery. I paired it with some white accessories. I'm also debuting one of my other satchels, I love it!

Dress ASOS Curve | Belt Reitmans | Cardigan Pacific Mall | Wedges Thrifted | Bag Wholesale-dress.

My satchel. :)

I've been feeling down lately. I went out with my boyfriend for some soup and then movies. I went to retail therapy (thrifting!) and I scored a black blazer and Doc Martens for 12,99$! What a STEAL. I'm pretty happy now, haha.

Schools starting soon and which means I have more reason to get creative and dress up. Being at home all the time does not inspire creativity.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

062. (Weekly Wants)

I may not have disposable money right now for clothes, but that doesn't stop me from drooling over and wishing I had those clothes, haha.


I'm also on the lookout for the absolute perfect backpack for the fall, here's two I really love:




They're both over $100... but gosh they're beautiful!

What's on your wishlist?