Wednesday, September 29, 2010

074. (If I had all the money in the world..)

As many of you all know, Style 369 is now open, it's Arcadia Company's "Fat Girl Top Shop". While a lot of people are disappointed, I actually love it! It's my aesthetic. Here's some picks I would get if I could afford it all.

073. (High School)

Hello everyone! I'm just here to quickly post the lovely Nichole from Xoxo Nikstar featured me in her High School Confessions feature! Check it out here: CLICK ME!


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

072. (How comforting..)

Remember when I said I'd come back with good news? Well, the good news is that my family will not be living in this dreaded condo complex anymore. After getting sick from the mould we figured it was enough. We put an offer on a house and we got it! We'll be moving in November. It's still in the same area (for the Winnipeggers who read the blog I live in St. James) but I'm going to be moving closer to Crestview area (Well it's more like Westwood..) but yeah!

Another good news is that the weather's been getting nicer. :) So happy about it for sure. I kind of regret putting away my shorts for the colder months hehe.

Sweater Thrifted | Leggings ASOS Curve | Shoes Thrifted Doc Martens (Authentic!) | Hat H&M

Another good thing is I'm starting to get into the flow of blogging again! I love this outfit because it's comfy (oversized knit sweater for the win!) and I'm wearing my ASOS curve lace leggings and I paired it up with my Doc Martens I scored for $12! I was planning on buying a new pair but lady luck has given me... well, luck!


Also, this weekend was adventurous. We went out to the movies a lot and we had, you guessed it, sushi galore! Me and my friends spent like $90 in total together on sushi, insane!

Veggie Tempura

Various Rolls

Squid tempura

Haha... back to reality though. Back to work. :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

071. (The Banquet)

I'm a couple of days late but I wore this to a banquet fundraiser my aunt had for her church. I only went for the food to be honest, ha! Going to church personally isn't for me, but I'm cool with religion and I would never disrespect those who believe in any God.

Dress Thrifted | Jacket Old Navy, thrifted. | Belt Suzy Shier | Shoes Thrifted.

When I saw the details of this dress I just HAD to have it. Perfect eyelet details and it's a perfect summer or spring dress or pop on a trench and it could work for fall as well!

I have some good news to share but that will come later. :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

070. (It's black, it's white..)

So I wore this outfit yesterday to go out to dinner with my boyfriend and my brother at our favourite Chinese place, then we went for ice cream and afterwards to see Legends of Guardians: Owls of Gaho'ole ... if you love 3D stuff, animation and cute owls this is the movie for you! I absolutely loved it and the story and am eagerly awaiting (if any) the next movie!

Top Givenchy, thrifted. | Bomber Jacket ASOS Curve | Jeggings H&M | Shoes Thrifted | Hat H&M

I wanted to break out into my jeggings -- and no, my top didn't look that wrinkled I swear! Haha. Stuupid photos! It's one of my more comfortable and warm outfits of the night. Pity about the white though ... I spilled some sauce on my shirt at dinner. :(

Here's a picture of my face, ha! Good news so far for you guys... well for me, we may be moving to a new house! Cheers to new beginnings! ;)

Friday, September 24, 2010

069. (It's almost October?)

Wow, time flies really. I last updated this when? Oh. Like a week or two ago. I know I promise I'd blog more but you know, work, school ... then coming back from all this chaos is someone who looks disheveled. Do not want! I managed to coerce my mom into taking a picture of me this morning before I left for school. Hey, I noticed my hair got longer too haha.

I have so much clothes in my closet I can't believe it -- actually I can. I put some of my summery stuff away (like some dresses and shorts I know I can't really work in the autumn) and took out my winter clothing already. You guys may notice in my blog that I do quite a bit of re-mixing, realistically speaking I am only a student and I'm not saying I'm a high-class fashion blog for any means (yeah right), it's my personal style blog and thanks to me taking pictures of some of my outfits I can work it to be more creative. Anyway, out of the way...

Top Zara | Skirt & Belt Thrifted | Jacket Garage Sale | Boots Keds, thrifted.

I acquired this skirt in my outfit from Value Village (a new store opened and I JUST HAD to go to the grand opening!) I wanted longer skirts and hence this. Denim jackets are never over for me so I put this on top a gray striped shirt. I was going to sell it but I realised I loved stripes way too much, so voila. I love how most of my finds in these outfits are 2nd hand! Hehe.

October already... in the next week. Before you know it it'll be November. Ha.

Monday, September 13, 2010

068. (Welcome Back to School)

Me in attempt to make an antique-ey looking colour scheme. I also believe I am about to laugh in the photograph?

Bleh, sorry for the lack of updates, guys. I'm so busy with work and school that by the time I get home for an outfit post I am disheveled. I meant to post this outfit last week but I got too busy/lazy to, and I value my sleep over... internet matters.

Top ASOS | Skirt H&M | Belt Thrifted | Tights Addition-Elle | Shoes Thrifted

Well, for an update on my life (for those who care) ... along side my current job at the University, I also have a side job doing some spreadsheets and sometimes social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) I'm super happy -- but it means I'm also busy, bleh. I'm also studying and I'm just so darn busy! But at least I have a good income! I'm also planning on getting a pug this Friday, a new little girl in our family! :)

For the past few weeks also... I've just been going out with friends and family amongst food of course.

What have you all been up to? I'm trying my best to comment on the other blogs... I know I've been inactive but I'm going to try and take pictures/update even more frequently.