Tuesday, November 30, 2010

103. (Knit n' Sparkle)

Sweater Thrifted | Skirt and Tights F21 | Shoes Urban Outfitters | Hat Jacob

Here's an outfit I wore to work today. Keeping it simple. I was inspired by those on Lookbook who wore nice A-line skirts with a chunky knit sweater. Here's my interpretation. I barely wear blue, so I'm glad I did today.

The tights are from Forever 21. I ordered it in 2X/3X but found it WAY too big. I'm a size 18/20 and it kept coming down... haha. So I suggest sizing down if you're my size. :\ WAY TOO BIG. I love these tights, though! The sparkly skirt fits like a dream though. Love it! It's a lot more sparkly and metallic in person. I've fallen in love with it since it came on the site.

Today I did a bit of shopping, not much really, but yeah... not an exciting day in particular.

Monday, November 29, 2010

102. (Stuff I wish I had)

So I was browsing around the UK online shop of H&M and while we don't have H&M here in Winnipeg (what) I'm going to Laval/Montreal in a few weeks and I'm definitely stopping by Carrefour Laval and going to Zara and H&M. On my list? Peter Pan collar dresses (Which I know Zara has) and a bunch of stuff from H&M.

Here's my picks from H&M that I want. No guarantee they'll be there, but at least it's good to look at inspiration, right? (Right. I am so materialistic, hee.)

A girl can only online-window shop so much. Too bad H&M don't ship to Canada. Lucky UK stores! Plus, a lot of these items are under 10 GBP, that's a pretty good deal if I do say so myself.



I'm pretty content today:

1) I got lots of comments on my hair.
2) Short day at work.
3) My Forever 21 package came in today!

Shirt Old Navy | Harem Pants Zara | Cardigan Thrifted | Beret Jacob Connexion | Shoes Thrifted | Belt Lane Bryant

Well, here's the outfit I wore today. Nothing too fancy or too simple. I really love this MAC matte lipstick. You prolly can't tell but I'm wearing makeup too, a rare feat, but something I want to fall into a habit of doing. Makeup really makes a huge difference in my opinion!

I had haters on these harem pants, but haters gonna hate. And my tummy is sticking out, not that I mind so much, it'll always be there. I shall embrace the tummy and move on forward.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

100. (Giveaway #3 Winners)

I have my 3 winners!
Gianne, Elizabeth and Pretty Penny Mae.

Please e-mail me your info at gazelma @ hotmail.com and I will discuss further details! :)

For those who previously won my giveaways I have not yet shipped them -- I know, I will try to before the Christmas season! :) Stay tuned! I hope you all have a good night!

My next giveaway will be when I hit around 350 followers via Google reader. Thanks for all your support everyone -- and hey, this is my 100th post, what do you know? I hope to hit 1000 posts one day. :)

099. (Blunt and Bold)

Staying at my dads house forces me to be creative with my outfits. With limited selection and space, I have to either pack or make do with what I have at his house. This is the outfit I came out with. I guess with some of it's frustrations staying here, it's also nice because I can think of creative ways to remix my outfits and use articles of clothing I normally wouldn't have thought of (the woes of having too many clothes I guess).

Shirt Zara | Harem Pants H&M | Belt Lane Bryant | Cardigan Thrifted | Boots Target | Bag F21 | Jacket (not pictured) Ricki's

As you can see, I got a fringe! I figured, what the hell. I guess I may just grow out my fringe for the summer next year but whatever. I like it, and I look really different with it plus paired with my matte MAC lipstick I think I look pretty good!


Afterwards Gab and I stopped by for some sushi. Now we're just relaxing at dad's house. I'm going to go play the Playstation 3, toodles everyone, and THANK YOU for your input on my hair! :)

PS: It wasn't cold, it was only -1 C outside! Enough for me to swiftly take outfit pictures then put my jacket back on. :P

Saturday, November 27, 2010

098. (A fringey affair)

Okay, okay, I said earlier I'd get a haircut. Well it didn't happen today. Now I'm kind of deliberating whether I want to or not. I got sidetracked today; my dad wanted to eat out so we did. Then I went with my boyfriend to the mall and I ended up buying some mac lipstick (I originally had intended just to window shop). Before you know it my hairdresser was booked, so I'm going tomorrow for a trim but I wonder whether or not I should get a full fringe?

Here's a picture for comparison:

Me with a fringe.

Sans fringe.

Oh, and I also bought these glasses online at Clearly Contacts, what do you all think?

I personally LOVE them, well I haven't gotten them yet. Waiting in the mail for my new specs, hee hee.

ANYWAY, back on topic. So yeah. I packed a limited amount of clothes in mind to be simple, comfortable and warm. ASOS jeggings definitely did the job. I didn't feel cold at all. <br

Shirt Vintage | Pants ASOS | Jacket Ricki's | Belt Lane Bryant | Boots Target | Bag Forever 21

I love the shirt I have. I wear it all the time. Did I mention I loved white? I also love the texture/feeling of the fabric, it's some sort of satiny fabric and it's definitely vintage. (In the 60's made nonetheless, according to the tag!) I love the detailing:

Although it's not mentioned; there's also shoulder pads! Gotta love it. Here's the best picture I can come up with:

So yes, in ending this entry PLEASE tell me if I should leave my hair as-is or go with a fringe, definitely appreciate it!

097. (ASOS... you're killing me.)

ASOS just keeps impressing me more and more with their stuff. I check ASOS everyday for new things and I've just fallen in love with the following pieces...


I'm going for a haircut today. I tried to grow out my fringe so I could have nice hair, but I think a fringe suits my face better anyway. So a trim and a fringe.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

096. (November's Recent Purchases)

Here's some of my current purchases for this month.

Above are from Evans! Took advantage of their sales. ;)

The skirt.

From Forever 21.

A bit pricy, but investing on boots is always nice.
When I saw the tights on F21, I knew I gotta have them. Unfortunately I missed out on the cable-knit leggings, which sold out almost immediately -- oh well. I got some stuff from Forever 21 like tights, a cool ring and a skirt.

I spent so much more in November since I went down to North Dakota a few weeks ago so I guess this is my overall online purchases.

I can't believe December is next week. Time flies!