Monday, August 15, 2011

179. (SM Plus Size Model Search)

A company from the Philippines contacted me in regards to SM department store's plus size model search. Unfortunately for me, I'm not able to partake in this awesome opportunity because I live in Canada and not the Philippines, but, being a Filipina, I just couldn't refuse writing about this great opportunity for other ladies in the Philippines to enjoy.

I'm ecstatic because a few years ago, there was barely a plus size line or anything for bigger girls to shop in the Philippines. I remember about six years ago I couldn't find any clothing my size - and here's the kicker, I was a size 12-14 back then. Like a lot of places in Asia, the Philippines society is fairly fatphobic, much more so in my experience than say, North American society.
Anyways so I'm just SO glad there's a plus size line in SM! SM is the biggest department store chain in the Philippines, and it's not just a department store chain but it's a mall chain too. Every city in the Philippines has an SM mall.

So if you are interested in the details and you are interested in joining, please take a look at Stylewatch Facebook page to take a look at the rules, details and much more. Like the poster says, not only do you get to be the face of StyleWatch, but you also get money and trips to Thailand, Hong Kong or Macau! What are you waiting for?

This post is a sponsored post.

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