Tuesday, August 16, 2011

180. (Back to School Purchases 2011)

School is vast approaching! I love school personally, I like learning, listening to lectures but I hate writing exams. Ah, well. Hey, there's a positive thing about back to school shopping! Besides spending hundreds on textbooks it gives you an excuse to buy other things like cute notebooks and pens. Oh, and clothing. I've been doing some shopping with some thought of finding pieces for all seasons. I'm loving the midi skirt trend right now because it's retro, modest and it's perfect for most seasons.

White Set
Dorothy Perkins sleeveless dress, £10
ASOS elastic waist skirt, $21
Dorothy Perkins mid length skirt, £12
ASOS handle bag, $21
ASOS striped bag, $5.17
ASOS headbands hair accessory, $8.62
Asos Crochet Collar, $6.90

I think I nabbed myself some bargains if I do say so myself! I'm loving white, I always have. White goes with anything and so does stripes in my opinion. I've also nabbed a silver chiffon skirt from ASOS and a cream dress from Dorothy Perkins.

If you're planning to do some shopping at ASOS, there's an extra 10% discount code: EXTRA10. Dorothy Perkins also has an extra 20% on some sale items, so do check it out!


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