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188. (Bonjour, Camille!)

Hey everyone! Don't think I've given up on my blog because I haven't. With school eating up my life and with me and my photographer (my boyfriend) being out of the house from 8 am in the morning until 9 pm at night, it doesn't give us much time to go out and take outfit photos. In the morning, we're rushed - there's no time; and at night we're so tired and disheveled outfit posts are the last thing on my mind. So I haven't abandoned this blog and that won't change in a very long time. So sorry for my absence in that regard.

So, with that out of the way I have decided to revive my Bonjour, ____! features. My very first feature was Jen from Pussybow and the old article can be found here. I've always wanted to feature other bloggers who are so snappy and stylish and who inspire me. I will try to do these posts at least twice once a month.

Without further ado, September's feature is Camille from Princess Kyonyuu. She's a French blogger with such a sweet style: whimsical, stylish, and fresh all in one package. Ever since I saw Camille on, I've been an avid follower for months. Camille was nice enough to answer some interview questions for me - thanks Camille! (Note: Camille gave me permission to edit a bit due to the language barrier, but her answers are 100% hers.)

Tell us a bit about yourself! Anything at all.

Hello, hello! Here's a little portrait of me:
I'm Princess Kyonyuu (my real name is Camille) and I'm 21 years old. As you probably would have guessed I love fashion!
I'm a simple girl who loves romantic comedies, photography, playing The Sims 3, reading"bit-lit" or mangas, seeing my friends, listening  pretty songs, decorating my apartment, taking pleasant walksand of course, writing articles for my blog. (If I tell you everything I love, we will be here all day...) I'm studying for a 3 years university degree in license information and communication and I hope to one day work in the world of fashion, and especially plus size fashion!

Your blog name is Princesse Kyonyuu, what is the meaning behind this blog name?

I didn't know how to name my blog. I hesitated to put the word "princess" in my nickname, I was afraid that it gets too pedantic (I had thought of "miss" or "Mademoiselle"... But we are all princesses, so I decided to keep itFor the word "Kyonyuu" that's another storyI hesitated with an English or Japanese word. I looked for the second because I wanted to show my passion for Japan. I wish I found the equivalent of "curvy" but I haven't found itI won't tell you what that word means ha-ha, sometimes it's better to preserve the "mystery"!

How did you get into the plus size blogging community?

I don't really know ... One day I discovered a blog of a curvy girl and I was very happy! So I'm looking for plus size bloggers, and I discovered a world I didn't know lolI was excited, and these girls made ​​me want to create my space, my own blog. I want to show that you can be beautiful and nicely dressed, even if you aren't a small size...

In your own words, how would you describe your personal style?

My personal style ... We could say that it's a big mix! I love the outfits in the vintage spirit, "romantic", "preppy" very "girly" with liberty patterntutu, little node... But on the other hand, I love the rocker style, jeans, leather, cross, studded stuff  ... So I try to reconcile the two together; I also have a classic style, more discreet. Mostly I try to adapt the styles that I like to my body but everything just doesn't suit me, unfortunately. ;)

Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

My inspiration can come from looks I see on the street, or photos and of course, blogs inspire me. But also the collections, models, including Tara Lynn - I think she looks beautiful. I also watch "Lookbook" to see other peoples' looks.

What is your favourite outfit you have posted on your blog?

I have no favorite outfitsI love them all in general. If I had to pick one, it would be this one: hereI love my derbies, my great skirt, and my bag, then this outfits is also comfortable. I had a great day in this outfit and I have good memories associated with this outfit, lol!

What is the ONE piece of clothing you cannot part with, any particular reason?

One piece!? WoaouWeeeeeeell ... This is very difficultI think to my glitter derbies, because I can wear them with any outfit like a pretty dress or with simply jeansThese shoes always give "the" touch as they are out of the ordinary. They are also very comfortable (leather interior), so they are my best friends! Then I'll admit, I'm in love with glitter:D

Have you received any stigma due to your body size? How do you deal with it?

Yes, I have been bad remarks about my body size. If I'm fat it's because I'm lazyI don't do sports, and I eat pastries all day! You seeWhen I was younger, I was very shy, and I suffered a lot. Now I decided to answer to these wicked peopleHowever, I'm still fragile and I have great complex. Curvy girls can't be sexy, can't be beautiful... I want to show in my blog that all the stigma isn't true; but it's very difficult to change attitudes.

Do you find that France is becoming accepting of plus sized bodies and plus sized fashion? 

I think in France it will take time. It always surprises people when I say that I have a blog where I show myself in full-length portraitThere are elections, like Miss Curvy for example. It surprises people that curvy girls want to highlight themselves and they think that we should hide because we are bigI would like to make it move in France, and I intend to push thingsMy dream is to work in plus sized fashionAnd I want to see more curvy girls in advertising, on TV, in stores, in magazines, everywhere! Show yourself girls!

We need new material to read! Who are your favourite bloggers? This can be of any size, of course.

So then ... Here are my favorite bloggers:

I'll stop here ;) ! Of course there is the blog of "Bonjour GazelI really like :p !

Any last words to tell the readers?

Girls, love yourself as you are. Love your forms, show yourself, and live life to the fullest (guys too!). And please let me know about your blog, I want to meet everyone!

Again, thank you Camille for a great interview. So if you do have a blog, please share in the comments below. It's not just Camille who wants to meet everyone, but I do too!

Until next time everyone. If you want to be featured in my blog, please do not hesitate to e-mail me. My e-mail can be found on the left hand side of my blog.


  1. Great interview, thank you for sharing! Camille is beautiful =)

  2. Kyonyuu means "Giant breasts/Large breasts"! In the olden days, the Japanese described "curvy" as "gramma" (Japanese pronunciation for "glamour") but recently, there hasn't been a word that fits curvy.  Lovely post! I definitely will check out Camille's blog!

  3. hi! i totally understand about the whole deserting the blog thing! life. but i enjoyed this post! i would most definitely like for you to be featured on my blog!!!

  4. Nice interview. Very good questions. She is adorable and i love the vintage quality to her photos. I've been too lazy (and cheap) to buy photoshop, plus I don't really have the time to sit and edit photos, but she makes me want to get off my butt and try. Bravo on the interview and we missed you. Come back soon!!!

  5. This "series" of posts is such a wonderful idea! I look forward to seeing who you feature next! =)

  6. She has such beautiful style! :)

  7. There's other free programs available on the internet which is a passable photoshop alternativeCarrie Higa 
     But I totes understand you on the time issue.

  8. Oh Yay! Thank you for sharing and for offering up so many more wonderful blogs to read! I love seeing other beautiful and stylish curvy ladies out there. This makes me feel so much less alone! Thank you ladies. :)
    -Cait (I'm just starting my bloggish life, but when I have fun things to share, I'll let you know). :)

  9. Oh thank you for this article awesome! Kitsune has guessed the name of my blog, arrrg! Shame on me T_T! haha


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