Saturday, December 3, 2011

208. (Designer Wishlist...)

If money were no object, I'd go crazy on designer stuff. As much as I love thrifting (I still would do it even if I were swimming in cash), designer items are still nice. I'm just really bored these days and instead of writing my papers like a good student I'm being materialistic. But hey, isn't that what fashion blogs are about? Hee!

Givenchy flap handbag, £1,099
Proenza Schouler tote hand bag, £1,349
Yves saint laurent bag, £1,349
Proenza Schouler flap handbag, £1,079
Pocket bag, £544
ChloĆ© shoulder handbag, £1,199


Marc Jacobs shoulder handbag, £674
Mulberry oversized handbag, £1,049
Valentino genuine leather handbag, £979
Vanessa Bruno pouch handbag, £529
Lanvin tote handbag, £1,689

Here's some designer handbags I'm really loving right now. I really love satchels and simple, classic stuff. I'm not into the whole studs and zippers because personally, I'd like to be able to use stuff 40 years from now and still have it be trendy. I seriously love bags, I don't show it a lot on my blog because I'm lazy, but I think I should start showing them in my outfit posts more often. I own more than 1-2 bags, I promise. If you need some new stylish handbags, use these Vera Bradley coupons to find some cute ones!

Lanvin wedge shoes, £504
Raparo leather shoes, £354
Isabel Marant 'Hisae' Boot - Diverse -, $591
GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI 'malika' ballerina, £464

My philosophy is more or less the same with shoes. Here's some designer footwear I am loving right now too. I've been coveting for these types of shoes for ages. I'm still looking for THE perfect, good quality black oxford (that is not patent) without breaking the bank. I'm not too crazy about shoe shopping - I wear the same shoes all the time to be honest. I like flat shoes with some details on it because I like walking comfortably. I don't believe in hurting myself for the sake of fashion, I just see no point into it!

What are some stuff you're coveting for this season? I just want a cute pair of brogues, a pair of black skinny jeans that are actually skinny (and don't cost $35 to ship to Canada) and the perfect high-waist a-line black skirt. Why, oh why is it so hard to find basic stuff? Haha, well, until next time everyone!

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  2. I agree with you. I think we'll all go for designer bags if money's not an object. But for shoes, I'll always pay tribute for the comfort dansko shoes  gives me.


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