Monday, December 19, 2011

213. (Hot Sales)

Nothing gets me more excited than sales - I figure I'd share in case none of you serially stalk these websites or get e-mail notifications.
If you like sales as much as I do, I'm sure you'd enjoy these awesome promotional coupons to help you save on some goodies :)

Here's some goodies that I'm contemplating on. But I'm probably not going to get anything yet until my next pay... hahaha.


Dorothy Perkins
(DPXMAS for 20% off full price regular line items, and free international shipping over orders of 40 GBP!)
Up to 50% off Sale!

Up to 50% off Sales
Ashley Stewart
Up to 50% off select items


Up to 60% off on select items


  1. HailesheartsfashionDecember 19, 2011 at 2:38 PM

    Really cute selection. Love the selection from Dorothy Perkins! Also, I really like your profile thing under your name in the two left hand corner. Great post :) Always great to see how other 'curvy' girls are dressing! Hailes <3 Merry Christmas

  2. in love with the dots :)

    X the cookies

    have a visit

  3. I've seen some of my favourite asos curve stuff on sale, and I'm soooo tempted to blow some of wages on them.....I mean, I'm a plus size fashion blogger, its kinda my hobby to buy new clothes. No?

  4. I've been stalking ASOS and DP!! I need to check out eshakti but I remember being hit with a pretty big customs bill at the door!


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