Saturday, December 31, 2011

217. (NYE Purchases)

1. ASOS Slash Neck Jumper in black
2. ASOS Camel Skinny Jeans
3. ASOS Buckle Waist High Waist Shorts in black
4. ASOS Dandelion Star Print Playsuit

Ok, I didn't really buy these for New Years Eve, but I did buy them today! ASOS is having their year-end sale at up to 70% off so I decided to jump the gun.

Neo Dali Brown @ Honeycolor

Hyper Circle Black @ Honeycolor

I also bought some circle lenses because I'm experimenting with brands. My eyes get dry SO easily (most of the ones I have are 38% water content. These ones are slightly higher at 45% respectively). I love glasses but sometimes I like having nothing on the bridge of my nose!

For NYE I'm cooking then going to a family member's house. I'll hopefully have an outfit post later, stay tuned!


  1. I too went shopaholic crazy. Bought wayyy to much :oP I btw! bought the pants you can see in photo nr. 1 - the purple once. Can't wait until they come in the mail.

    And happy new year by the way!

  2. Ok, so I totally shopped the Asos sale today, too!  I even picked up the same black sweater!  I can't wait for it to arrive.  Looks so comfy, right?  :)  Happy New Year! 


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