Monday, January 31, 2011


Another day of school, another day at work. :p Hehe. Well here's an outfit post for today. Nothing too terribly exciting but I've been wanting to incorporate these in an outfit post (even though I wear them, I just forget to document it haha.) By the way, I'm trying a new mode on my camera (I detest flash) ... I think it turned out decent despite my awkward faces.

Dress Thrifted, Addition-Elle | Sweater Liz Claireborne, Thrifted | Skirt underneath ASOS | Tights and Shoes Style 369

I got the knit cardigan from a thrift shop in Quebec for only like $7 or something, it's good considering it is a classic item which I can wear in many ways and would last me a few winter seasons. I found this dress from Value village a long time ago and I just never got around to photographing it because by the time I'm done, I look so haggard so I don't take a picture.

Fresh Farmacy soap via Lush

Someone asked me on formspring what my beauty regimen is. Honestly? I don't have one. I use minimal makeup except lipstick. I don't use eyeshadow and mascara or eye liner... sometimes I do it for special occasions and I'm aware makeup can really amplify a look but I am just plain lazy. I'm also blessed to have Asian genes so I don't break out easily... though I have normally oily skin. I use Lush's Fresh Farmacy soap to cleanse my face and it works wonders I think. I don't have acne prone skin so it's not as strong as coalface. For my lips I use sugar lip scrubs from Lush, my favourite being Bon Bon and then use a lip balm (I use Lush Maple Taffy) and then apply lipstick so it's not drying. My lipsticks I use are Mac (favourites are Dubonnet, Ruby Woo and Viva Glam V) and ta da. Not much to my beauty regimen, I like all natural.

I'm off to study now. I'm gonna leave these pictures here. It's my (small) Mac lipstick collection (I have lots of lippies but only these Mac ones) and that's my unorganized jewelry box + hanger. Hahaha.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

122. (Dim sum)

Hi everyone! I think I've been on a roll in terms of updating lately. I have yet another outfit post for you guys.
First of all, I am loving the ASOS fur coat. Every time I wear it I feel like I exude such confidence I never have thought before I had. I feel so warm and good wearing it, haha! Also... someone asked me on formspring if I wore parkas. The answer is yes, I do wear parkas and I do wear wool trench coats/pea coats but I don't wear those really puffy Michelin Man style jackets because I apparently (as told by my mother and boyfriend) I look weird and look like a giant marshmallow (which I find quite funny than offensive).

Jacket and Dress ASOS | Necklace and Ring Forever 21 | Shoes Thrifted | Socks Jacob | Tights Style 369 | Bag Paramix

My dog is creepin' on me again haha.

Anyhow, I was excited to get the camel ASOS curve jersey peter pan collar dress. I do have a few notes to make about it.
One, it's kinda longer than I'd like it to be on my 5'5" frame. I like my dresses to hit mid-thigh (yeah, I'm not trying to be modest haha) and it's kinda knee height on me, but that's okay. The fabric I found is REALLY stretchy and I am wearing a US 20 to be safe, but I'm positively certain it could fit perhaps 3-4 sizes bigger than me. Yes, I am serious. The waist is empire style and it's even kind of baggy for me. The arms are REALLY stretchy and yes, I do believe it could fit bigger. So if you plan to wear the dress and want a more snug fit, size down! I'm alright with it being slightly roomier, so no errors there. I adore this dress and I bought it in black too.

So anyway, about my day. I took my boyfriend out to dim sum because he's been telling me how much he wanted some. So here's some food porn for you.

Now I gotta go study. Which I probably won't until tonight. I probably am going to end up playing Little Big Planet.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

121. (Fur and Florals)

Swamped with school work... and work. I actually shouldn't be blogging or be on the internet right now. I have 3 mid-terms soon and a paper I need to write. Knowing me I'll probably start on Friday or something... because I stupidly forgot my sociology textbook so I really can't write my paper anyway. Convenient? Haha.

Anyway, I needed something no-fuss (a dress) and something warm. Thus the birth of this outfit. I got my faux-fur jacket from ASOS yesterday and I love it. It's warm and I've gotten some compliments from strangers and co-workers. It's also kind of big on me but it's okay. My arms need some room, hehe. So yup. Even though Winnipeg winters are notorious for being ridiculously cold but today was one of the milder not-so-cold days, so if you're wondering how I can prance around in a dress and tights and no boots, that's why. (And my boyfriend is pretty much my taxi. Just sayin', haha.)

Dress and Jacket ASOS | Belt (not pictured too greatly) Thrifted | Shoes Thrifted

I'm tired. Like, really tired. I'm really thankful for today being such a lax day at school and work. A student I work with didn't show up to school today so I didn't have to work. Awesome? Yes indeed.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Hey everyone! Here's another outfit for today. I don't know if you've noticed, but I switched places on where I get photographed. I actually like it here better than the old place. (Too much yellow, it made the white balance of the photos all funky.)

I wore a skirt and tights because it's slightly warmer. (1 degrees C apparently.)
I am loving peter pan collars at the moment, as you can see. You'll be seeing some of that in my recent outfit posts.
As for my life, nothing really exciting. School, work -- rinse and repeat really. I'm still kind of sick, but it's more like an annoying asthma-induced cough more than anything. I finally got my ASOS curve parcel that I ordered in December. I'm really excited about it! I can't wait to wear the stuff I got, hehe.

Shirt Dorothy Perkins | Skirt H&M | Belt ASOS | Cardigan Gap, thrifted | Tights and shoes Style 369

So a little review of these Style 369 / Evans spotted tights. I was excited getting them and I ordered according to the size chart. They fit well but they ripped so easily and I wasn't being rough or doing anything that would make them rip! I'm so disappointed, but at least I bought two. I suggest snagging them up now because they're still on clearance. (At least on Style 369).

Have a good day, everyone! :) Or night. I'm off to watch some TV and do homework. (Boo.)

Monday, January 24, 2011


Just a quick outfit post. Finally, an actual one since I got pneumonia. It's nothing too exciting. I got these trousers from Style 369 for 7 GBP! I think that's a steal because I plan to wear the heck out of them in the following months. When I buy things, I like to think of potential combinations and outfits. When I got these trousers in the mail, I immediately thought, "STRIPES. RED. LOTS OF STRIPES."

My dog is behind me, haha!

Striped Shirt Zara | Blazer Thrifted | Pants and Shoes Style 369 | Necklace ALDO| Bracelet Lane Bryant

That's how this outfit came to be. The pants are a bit more "hareem" that I expected. Baggy on the legs, not the skinny fit on the leg like I had anticipated, but nonetheless I like it.
I bought this striped top from Zara recently. I love anything with stripes! I also found this red knit blazer from a thrift shop in Ottawa. You might not see it but it has nice gold buttons.

I'll try to post more outfits soon in the week. Since I feel better, I will be dressing up more. :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

118. (Come to Mama!)

No outfit post right now, but I have some news to share. Not good one, but at least an update on how I'm doing. If you're following me on Twitter then you must've known I have pneumonia right now. It really sucks. No outfits because I am limited in going outside! I literally die when I step outside and the -36 Celcius winds penetrate my lungs and I feel like I'm gonna collapse, lol! Anyway. I've been sick all week and these past 4 days it's taken it's toll on me. I've been in bed all weekend. I'm home from work today, feeling a bit better than last week...

Here's some recent purchases I made from December to January. Half of it is my personal purchases and half is my boyfriend saying "it's your late Christmas present". So yeah.

Yeah. It's quite a lot and I'm gonna put myself on a shopping 'ban' (more like I won't buy as much clothing or whatever... but don't hold me to it too much) for a while. I love the Spring trends right now but I'm not into Flare pants or all those coloured skinny pants so I probably won't partake in that. I have much clothing already that screams "SPRING!" so I'll just remix those. I just can't resist a good peter pan collar!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

117. (Bubble Gum)

Dress and Top ASOS | Tights Hue via The Bay | Shoes F21

This outfit reminds me of bubble gum. I don't know why. I guess it's the pink and light blue in this outfit. I personally would've loved to wear this outfit in the spring time, with some nice frilly socks and brogues. But for now since it's winter, it's this.

This is pretty much my natural hair style ... wavy. Actually, if I don't dry it/straighten the bangs it ends up even curlier and unruly than this. I guess it's refreshing to see my hair other than straight with blunt bangs.

I think I'm doing pretty good with updating... originally when I conceived the blog I had wanted to do daily updates but there's so much you can write. As you all can see, I am horrible with words. Plus, there's some days I don't feel like dressing up and just want to stay in bed in my pyjamas.

Are there days where you feel absolutely lazy and don't wanna do anything?

Monday, January 10, 2011


Another day, another day of work.

Good news is I found a place in Winnipeg that sells macarons. Yes, they look horribly squished in these photos. But it doesn't deter from their awesome taste. Mmmm.

Top Old Navy | Skirt and Belt ASOS | Tights Hue via The Bay | Shoes Aldo | Lipstick Revlon Pink About it

Bad news is I'm sick. My brother was sick and then it caught on with everyone else in the house. I'm going to lose my voice ... do not want! Agh. I cannot afford to not work. I don't want to be too sick to work or do anything! :(

Anyway, TV time with bf and brother. Until next time!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

115. (The Red Leopard)

Today was pretty fun. My boyfriend and I were told a certain exhibition was to close tomorrow and I didn't get to see it yet. Everyone and their mom (even my mom and brother went without us). So we decided to go. If you're from Winnipeg and want to go, there's still time. It extended it's time until the 16th. I definitely liked it. I've always been fascinated with human bodies and anatomy and the bodies used in this exhibit are REAL. The muscles, bones, everything is real. Afterwards my boyfriend and I went to eat... you guessed it, sushi. (We pretty much ate sushi lots in Ottawa too haha. Carb overload!)

Dress Mango | Blazer Thrifted | Belt Lane Bryant | Hat Simons | Tights Addition-Elle | Shoes Aldo | Lipstick Mac Ruby Woo

Afterwards we went grocery shopping (and I bought a scratch card. I won $5. I'm probably gonna buy another one. It's one of my treats for the month, a scratch card. Hee hee.) and to the mall. I went to Lush, bought some soaps because most of them was BOGO and I couldn't resist. For you Lush-a-holics it was buy one soap get one soap free... and same goes to holiday merchandise, including gift baskets! Such a good deal!

I'm probably going to play some Playstation now. It's only the start of the term so no homework... yet.