Monday, October 31, 2011

199. (Mellow Yellow)

Sweater and Chelsea Boots Thrifted | Skirt Dorothy Perkins | Tights Wal-Mart | Belt ASOS

Here's an outfit for today. It's chilly outside but not too chilly for me to layer myself in many layers of clothing. I bought another chunky knit sweater from the thrift shop ($5)! Can you tell that I'm obsessed with chunky knits? I've also been yearning for a yellow midi skirt since spring, and when Dorothy Perkins had this lovely skirt on sale I had to grab it quickly. One of my criticisms is that the skirt is a bit on the thin side as you can see, but it is still comfortable because of the elastic waist.

Did you also notice I cut my bangs to become blunt again? I feel like a quitter for doing so. I was growing out my bangs but I got so sick of it being in my face constantly that I went to the hairdresser across the street and chopped it off. I clearly have no self control in this regard.

I didn't dress up for Hallowe'en because I don't really celebrate it to be honest. I only like it for the candy. I guess if I had to go on a stretch I am a grandma. LOL.

Anyways, until next time everyone.

198. (Winner of the SM Plus Model Search)

I'm very overdue on this post, but recall my post here. On October 12th the winner has been unveiled! Congrats to Jenna Marie Pertgen for winning! I just have to say I really am happy when I see anything plus-size related when it comes to Asian women, especially in the Philippines. If I hadn't explained it before a lot of Asian countries have fat-phobic sentiments so to see something like this being held in the Philippines is something that never ceases to amaze me. Jenna is an actual plus size individual - not a size 8 US or 10 US, so therefore I can relate to this.

Congrats to Jenna Marie Pertgen!

Jennafer Ilagan, Top 2.

Christine Montalbo, Top 2.

There are also other amazing and beautiful ladies that did not win that I wanted to feature here as well. No matter who won the grand prize in the end, I think they're all winners and very brave to come out and own their bodies and curves with confidence.

Below are the other participants with their chic outfits! ;)

Which looks are your favourite looks?

Before I wrap this post up, I will be hosting a clothing giveaway from SM Philippines, they kindly sent me some clothing to review from their clothing line. There's many wonderful pieces and I can't wait to share with you all! Keep your eyes peeled, and as always, until next time!

Friday, October 21, 2011

197. (Do the remix!)

Dress H&M | Belt ASOS | Scarf Forever 21 | Cardigan Thrifted | Tights Simons | Boots Thrifted Dr. Martens

Only one picture of this outfit. Why? Because my camera is sucking and I think it's time for me to invest in a new lens.

I can't believe I got these babies for $7.00 ... that's right, $7.00 ... best part about buying used Dr. Martens is that I don't have to wear them in so it's SUPER comfortable!) Oh, sorry about the fur. My pug sheds A LOT.

Beautiful detailing on the tights.

I'm trying really hard to remix my items as you can see. I mean, isn't it obvious that my blog centres around remixing? Personally I'd rather wear a bunch of items over and over again than buy one dress or one garment and NEVER wear it again. My mission as a blogger was never to flaunt my new items each time I do a blog post, and it never will be my mission. This might be how other people run their blogs, but it's not how I run mine. I blog for myself, to keep progress of my personal style and personal growth as an individual and to meet like-minded people in the world. Besides, I'm one of those people who really LOVES and wears the hell out of the garment until I get sick of it.

Here's reasons why I remix:

1. It's more sustainable, less wasteful.
2. Forces you to think about your outfits.
3. I'm not rich. (I never intended this in the first place. I'm not trying to be a fashion blogger who flaunts a bunch of designer brands and wears Jeffrey Campbell Litas. That may be other bloggers prerogatives, but not mine!)
4. I like wearing the hell out of my stuff.

There's lots of great remix blogs out there. My favourite is Elaine is a great blogger and is PRO at making new looks with what little clothes she has. She is my inspiration, do check out her blog if you haven't yet!

Do you remix? Do you prefer blogs that integrate remixing garments and outfits? What are your opinions on this issue? I'd love to know what you think!

In addition to remixing, I just like being cheap. I think I will make a post on thrifting and my overall frugality another time. Even though I have a lot of clothes, I don't pay a lot for garments. If I had a lot spare cash, I would definitely invest in brand new clothing... but I don't think that's gonna happen any time soon - that's the life of a student, huh? :P

Anyways, until next time!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Everything Thrifted.

Gonna ease the tension here on my blog with an outfit I wore last Saturday. It was my cousins wedding and to be honest I don't own a lot of dresses that fit for that occasion. This was the closest I got.

I also have to gush that I love these platform shoes I got from Goodwill. SO comfortable. I'm also pleased that these days, a lot of my outfits are more thrifted than they are bought from a store at the mall. Go me! I also suck at accessorizing, that is probably my main weakness. How do you jazz up an outfit without going too overboard on accessories?

Until next time.

195. (My gripes with the FA/Body acceptance movement).

Forewarning: This post has diet talk, if you are triggered or uncomfortable with this topic, please keep that into consideration. Thank you.

Perhaps I may just be ranting here, but this issue has been eating me up for a long time. If you look at my twitter you will see that I am ranting about how certain individuals (in general, no one specific) are hypocritical when it comes to the fat acceptance movement. I want to open up about this on my blog because it is my blog, and there will be political/rant pieces like this from time to time.

I am in the body acceptance movement. In the fat acceptance movement, whatever that may be. Some of you may not be active in it, some of you may, but I identify myself as a fat activist. I love my fat body and I am happy with who I am (though who am I to kid, sometimes you have those moments of nervous breakdowns) and I do not judge anyone elses body and health because who am I to judge? Why would I want to do to someone what I wouldn't want someone else to do to me?

Anyways, the reason for this is because I'm so sick of seeing fat individuals who happen to lose weight or happen to "diet" get attacked because of their lifestyle choices. Of course I understand triggers, of course diet talk will trigger some people - especially those on their self-acceptance journey. Why is it that when people make lifestyle choices or they are visibly smaller (in photographs) it is okay to criticize them - why is it that people can just accuse others of "betraying the fat acceptance community"?

See, this is where my frustration comes in.

The moment someone loses weight, or decides to take a lifestyle change for themselves - they are attacked. Of course people have the right to feel betrayed - sure, but to attack and flame someone for their own life choices? Isn't that a bit hypocritical? Actually, a lot hypocritical?

As fat people, we are oppressed in society. I'm sure we have had those times where we have been judged, made fun of, gotten rude comments about our bodies or our lifestyles (fat = lazy and eats McDonalds all day, amirite?) or we have even gotten the whole 'concerned-for-your-health' spiel.

So why, why does someone who experience this kind of oppression think it is okay to rag on someone about what they do with their bodies? With their lives? I personally feel that it is not in ANYONES position to make criticisms or comments about what they do in life. I get comments on how I should live my life. I hate it. So why would I do this same kind of thing to someone who decided to do something with their lifestyle? I live my lifestyle and yeah, it's unhealthy I'm gonna admit it - and I hate it when people think that it's just a free pass to go give me their opinion... especially about my body, especially about how I live my life.

Besides, the reasons for this lifestyle change may be different. Situations are different. Some people might go on a diet because of their health. Some might suffer from depression or something that ruined their appetite - but that's their own business, right? It's none of our business. Just like the reasons why we are fat is none of anyone elses business, or anything to do with our bodies and our health. Some people are fat because of health problems, or lack of fitness, or lack of exercise, genetics - whatever - the point is, why does it matter why we come to make the choices we do - it's who we are, what we decide and it's no one has the right to pry into your personal life like that.

My point is it's not okay to go and rag on about someones lifestyle choices if YOU don't like being ragged on yourself! It's body policing. I don't like being body policed, so why should I go and body police someone elses body?

Another thing that frustrates me to no end is the whole, "Curvy is sexy! Fuck those skinny bitches!" (You've seen those ads). I get that the intention may be to empower curvy women, but why is it necessary to bring down people with different bodies? It's not okay. It's still body shaming and body policing.

I thought the body acceptance movement was supposed to accept all bodies of different sizes. Don't get me wrong, I love what the FA community has done to empower me... but to bring down others because it does not fit your "ideal" of "fat" or any other body (acting as if it were some club) is not right to me.

In short - why do things to others that you wouldn't want done to yourself?

Oh, and I do understand the whole issue of talking about diets and such on fatshion blogs and how we want to avoid this issue. I'm on the fence about this... it's the persons blog but at the same time, fatshion blogs are supposed to be a safe space for body acceptance.

Thoughts? Do you have any other frustrations towards the blogging community? Pet peeves? Any input would be great and I encourage discussion here.

Also, I am sorry about typos and such. I'm tired and I realise my English isn't the best.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


My inspiration for this outfit was to keep it simple. Oh, you're all probably sick of the bag I carry around... I can't help it. It's probably one of the best thrift finds EVER, fyi. (Besides the chunky knit sweater I have on in this outfit.) I believe I was successful. I wore this to go to the mall and find my boyfriend shoes... and reunite with a classmate whom I have not seen in years.

Everything is thrifted except the skirt which is from Forever 21+.

I've not much to say else... I wouldn't want to bore you all that I'm drowning in school work. Yeah.

Anyways, until next time everyone.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

193. (Layered)

As the title of this blog post suggests. It's a layered outfit. This is pretty much similar to what I wear to school when I am in a rush and don't know what to wear. Put on anything, get cardigan, grab any scarf, oh - and spray your hair with copious amounts of dry shampoo. I wore yesterday to class and then go on a sushi date plus a movie. The dress is from wholesale-dress, actually. It's pretty short and I wish I could show you guys the back because the dress is AWESOME... it has bows on it like this:

PRETTY ISN'T IT? Haha, well I think so. My only gripe is yeah, it's a bit short. Actually, not a bit short... but A LOT short. Then again it's made for petite women from Asia, so that should explain why the dress is so short. Otherwise I love it, it has pockets, and it's made of thick good quality fabric!

Dress Courtesy of | Jacket and Leggings Forever 21 | Belt ASOS | Scarf My mom's | Everything else Thrifted.

You might have noticed I got new glasses. They're super dorky and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Also I lost one of my glasses in the abyss of my room... anyways...

Until next time!

Friday, October 7, 2011


Shorts City Chic | Belt ASOS | Everything Else Thrifted

Here's a quick outfit post for today. I got new glasses! (Okay, I have like 10+ pairs. I'm addicted.) Today was date day for boyfriend and me... I'm still not feeling 100%, but truth be told, Gab and I don't see each other much these days. We both work and go to school and we come home at 10 pm... leave the house at 8 am... we need date time!

The weather isn't too hot or too cold so this is my outfit. We went out for a movie (go see 50/50! So good.) and now I'm going to relax!

Until next time.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

191. (Here's to Four Years!)

I can't believe it's been four years for me and my boyfriend! Time sure flies by. Today I spent my day eating... (unhealthily, I must admit. I went to my dad's house so we went out for lunch, then anniversary dinner with my boyfriend!) and thrifting, and just chilling at home.

Jacket Forever 21+ | Everything Else Thrifted

For dinner I wasn't going anywhere too fancy, we actually went to the Old Spaghetti Factory in Winnipeg. Now I'm not a huge fan of pasta but I did like their spaghetti. It's a very nice family restaurant with a kitschy atmosphere, friendly service and very inexpensive food. I had the hunter's veal (pretty good!) and my boyfriend had ribs. Holy moly, were the portions ever gigantic. Hah.

So here's some pictures of our day... again, my outfit wasn't too fancy. Well, to be honest, it would've been if I hadn't put the jacket it'd feel a bit too fancy... but I think adding "rocker" jackets balance out an outfit to become casual.

Until next time! I might not post as much this week because mid terms are coming up, and so are papers. Hope you all are having a wonderful evening/day/afternoon wherever you are. :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011


This is a quick outfit I wore to the mall with my boyfriend. For once, he went to go shopping instead of me. He needed new work shoes but alas, none to be found. Why is shopping for men's stuff so expensive (not to mention horrendous quality at that!) In the end I ended up buying a jacket... sigh. Haha.

Top and Mac Thrifted | Belt ASOS | Pants Forever 21 | Shoes Style 369

I think I'm liking my hair. I can't wait until it grows a few more inches and I have long flowing mermaid hair. Though sometimes I wish I could get scissors and chop it off to a pixie. I don't know how I'd look, haha.

Until next time.