Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I really think that I gravitated to what people call 'boring' but I like to call it 'simple'. I remember when I first started this blog, I liked to be obnoxious (though I try to tone it down) and be a bit loud. These days, I take solace in comfort over looking too bizarre... though sometimes I like to dress weirdly! This is exactly what I was trying to convey in today's outfit: not too loud and comfortable.

Sweater and Shoes Thrifted | Scarf and Skirt F21 | Socks and Tights Dorothy Perkins

Today my little brother took my outfits - thanks Matthew! I actually think he does a better job at it than my boyfriend (ha ha, just kidding, Gab) ... one of the reasons why I haven't been able to update as much as I like is because of my lack of photographer and my tripod sucks. Now that I know my brother can take decent pictures, expect more updates! Mwahaha.

By the way, notice anything different?! No spectacles! Nope. Instead I am trying out contact lenses. I had a few questions come up on where I bought my contact lenses, and I bought them from Honey Color. They're Geo Nudy circle lenses - incredibly comfortable and cute!

Monday, November 28, 2011

205. (GlassesUSA Eyewear)

B&K Prescription Eyeglasses From $59

If you all know me already, you know that I love glasses. (I own 13 pairs... yes, I am addicted!) Imagine my surprise when I found another eye glasses online retailer that sells cute glasses on a budget! I have an insanely high prescription and it costs me hundreds of dollars in a brick and mortar optical at the mall to get just one pair of glasses - and they're not even that cute.

iSee Full Framed Prescription Glasses From $90

GlassesUSA has a huge selection of eyeglasses that are very affordable, as I said! I pay literally $500 for ONE pair of glasses at the optical. It all adds up when you have astigmatism, or a high prescription, or if you need bifocals or even multifocal glasses.

Personally, I love loud, obnoxious glasses that make you stand out. I'm a pretty shy person outside of the internet, but when you get to know me I am quite loud. I really like nerdy, round glasses, too! GlassesUSA has 'nerdy' glasses and work-appropriate glasses as well for the more conservative tastes. The glasses on this post are my favourites - two of them are loud and bizarre, and one is enough to be "colourful" but still be work appropriate!
Estelle Brown Full Frames Prescription Eye wear From $48

GlassesUSA.com also provided you all with a 10% discount code: BLOG10 which can be used anytime.
Since today is Cyber Monday, they have a 30% off discount PLUS free shipping. The code is: CYBER2011

Get shopping!

This is a sponsored post. However, 100% of the statements provided are my honest opinion.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

204. (1 Sweater, 2 Looks)

Sweater Thrifted | Pants and Belt ASOS | Socks Joe Fresh | Shoes Thrifted

I felt like being silly when I took a picture of this outfit. I absolutely LOVE the sweater I found whilst thrifting. So cute! I just felt like sharing. Yes, it is absolutely warm - just as it looks!

Sweater Thrifted | Skirt F21 | Tights Addition-Elle | Socks Joe Fresh | Shoes Thrifted

Even if it's not ~haute fashion~ I find it cozy and comfortable. I wore one outfit to school and one to go out with my boyfriend. (I wore the one with pants to school, ha) ... I never really show my silly side on this blog. I'm no way glamorous or as serious (or maybe I'm not serious as I show on my blog) ever.

In other news I am really excited to be nearing exam season because then it's relax season. Time sure flies, doesn't it? :p

Thursday, November 24, 2011


I realise how quiet it has been on my side of the internet. I'm sorry about that! I've been looking VERY more-so-than-usual frumpy-licious (If that's even a word. It is now.) these days because of excessive working and going to school. I feel very bad for neglecting this blog so I might as well post a wishlist post from ASOS because I cannot stop salivating over their clothes. If only I won the lottery! Ha ha. Maybe I'll snag a few when they go on sale on Boxing Day? A girl can dream!

I think my aesthetic's changed. I still love white and yellow, but I find myself gravitating towards darker colours and neutrals. Maybe it's the weather - but I noticed my love for burgundy has skyrocketed lately! I used to hate darker colours but I've grown to like them. Well, obviously my style has changed since having this blog. That's what's awesome about it though, even though some past outfits are cringe-worthy it's still nice to see a progression!

Has your style changed the past year? Or another question, what are YOU lusting for this season?!

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Dress Dorothy Perkins | Tights Addition-Elle | Snood Forever 21 | Shoes and Cardigan Thrifted

Finally, an update!
The weather is actually quite nice enough for me not to go with a woolly coat, so I took the opportunity to snap some pictures outside because I hate taking pictures in my house. I was wearing a cozy jacket/chunkier cardigan on top but I decided to forgo without it for this picture.

Also, another thing I just wanna get off my chest: Don't you hate it when you wear white/a light colour and no matter how much you try, you STILL get something on your clothes? Grrr! So annoying. That's what happened to me like 4 hours after I took these photos. I'm not that much of a slob, I swear. Also... I just noticed that I have a red speck on my arm. I think it's a piece of fuzz from one of my red cardigans that decided to attach itself onto my polkadots.

Anyways, this is all for today and I'll try my best to update! I really have no excuse when I'm not swamped with homework and papers these days. (Ok I lied, I have a paper due in 4 weeks but I'm procrastinating right now. Big time.)

Friday, November 4, 2011


Leopard Top, Wine Coloured Cardigan Thrifted | Bag Aldo | Shoes Dr. Martens, thrifted for $12 | Jacket ASOS | Leggings Target | Scarf Spring Shoes | Lipstick MAC Red

Hello everyone. Happy Friday! I have a quick outfit to share with you all. What I wore to go to school and then have Korean food.

If you haven't tried Korean food yet, you must! So good. Not everything is spicy either (a common misconception about Korean food). I'm not big on the whole Korean BBQ thing but I do like stews. Unfortunately the rice cake soup I had did not photograph well, but at least I have a picture of the yummy vegetable side dishes.

Until next time.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


200 entries! Wow. Time flies doesn't it. Also, it's my birthday today! To be honest I didn't do much today. I was at school the whole day and I am just so tired. I'll be going out with my family this weekend. I guess my time at school reflects my outfit. I guess it's "kind of boring" but this is what I normally wear to school ... some variation of it. It's still not cold enough for me to pull out my faux-fur coat yet. (Which is surprising given my city's reputation for being a deep-freeze.)

Jacket, Shorts and Belt ASOS | Scarf Spring | Tights One Stop Plus | Everything else Thrifted

A word about my tights from One Stop Plus. I LOVE them. They're thick, warm, and perfect for the colder seasons. However, they are WAY too small. I usually order a 2X in my tights or 3X but even a 3X was WAY too small. Like... it barely fit my ass. Which is weird, but if you read the reviews it says it runs small. I guess I should read the reviews more often. Lesson learned. So I suggest sizing up... like two sizes of what you normally wear because it's ridiculous. I believe they also shrink in the wash, but I'm not quite sure.

I also want to gush about this sweater. Can you believe I got it for $2.99 at the thrift store?! It looks a lot like ASOS Curve's Textured Jumper but in red. Seriously. People are SO intimidated by thrifting but it's a lot of fun and you can find goodies. I promised to make a thrifting post, would you all still be interested in it?

Until next time. Let me know what you think. :)