Saturday, December 31, 2011

217. (NYE Purchases)

1. ASOS Slash Neck Jumper in black
2. ASOS Camel Skinny Jeans
3. ASOS Buckle Waist High Waist Shorts in black
4. ASOS Dandelion Star Print Playsuit

Ok, I didn't really buy these for New Years Eve, but I did buy them today! ASOS is having their year-end sale at up to 70% off so I decided to jump the gun.

Neo Dali Brown @ Honeycolor

Hyper Circle Black @ Honeycolor

I also bought some circle lenses because I'm experimenting with brands. My eyes get dry SO easily (most of the ones I have are 38% water content. These ones are slightly higher at 45% respectively). I love glasses but sometimes I like having nothing on the bridge of my nose!

For NYE I'm cooking then going to a family member's house. I'll hopefully have an outfit post later, stay tuned!

216. (December in a few snapshots)

Tomorrow, it'll be the end of 2011! I can't believe the year flew by so quickly like that. It feels like yesterday I was spending my Christmas and New Years with my boyfriends family in Quebec - which was last year at this time. Crazy crazy.

Here's some snapshots from the past month and so. (I guess from late November to December now)... I will be updating with outfit posts soon! I also have a few product reviews to do and a giveaway on the way.

To finish this entry, here's a cheesy Christmas picture I took with my cousins. Yes, the theme is purple and this dress that I thrifted is probably the only thing PURPLE I will wear ever. Next years theme is pink... oh god.

Saturday, December 24, 2011


I'm FINALLY done my Christmas shopping! (Well, yesterday). This was yesterday's outfit. I found the dress at Value Village for $4. To my surprise, it's from Swak Designs and it's this dress. I was stoked to find it - and it's so pretty! I did not feel like wearing pants yesterday despite the chilly weather, so dress it is!

Dress Thrifted, SWAK Designs | Cardigan City Chic | Belt ASOS | Tights Sears | Shoes Thrifted

I'm not even supposed to be blogging today, I'm supposed to be cooking for tonight... so I guess I will cut this short and have a happy holidays everyone.

PS: I will be doing a circle lens review sometime this week, on the request of some readers. Stay tuned for that.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Skirt and Top F21 | Tights eBay | Scarf Spring | Everything Else Thrifted

Here I present two outfits with one common item (okay, maybe two - can you guess what it is?) It is now I realised I love red and I own quite a bit of red stuff... oh well!

The red cardigan I bought from a thrifting trip moons ago, it reminded me of Christmas and the detailing pretty much sold me on the spot. I've worn it a few times but I've never had the opportunity to photograph it on the blog, so here it is.

Dress Dorothy Perkins | Tights eBay | Belt ASOS | Everything Else Thrifted

The dress, on the other hand, is from Dorothy Perkins from a sale a few seasons ago - what I'd like to call a "mullet dress". Obscenely short at the front, and long at the bottom. I did not get an opportunity to take a picture but I promise I did not flash anything, haha.

I went Christmas shopping today and I'm glad I'm almost done. This is probably the first time in forever that I actually am a bit late on my Christmas shopping. I can't believe Christmas is this weekend already (which means afterwards, school will be here soon...) - what are your guys' plans?!

Monday, December 19, 2011

213. (Hot Sales)

Nothing gets me more excited than sales - I figure I'd share in case none of you serially stalk these websites or get e-mail notifications.
If you like sales as much as I do, I'm sure you'd enjoy these awesome promotional coupons to help you save on some goodies :)

Here's some goodies that I'm contemplating on. But I'm probably not going to get anything yet until my next pay... hahaha.


Dorothy Perkins
(DPXMAS for 20% off full price regular line items, and free international shipping over orders of 40 GBP!)
Up to 50% off Sale!

Up to 50% off Sales
Ashley Stewart
Up to 50% off select items


Up to 60% off on select items

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Top, Shoes, Bag, and Cardigan Thrifted | Scarf, Ring, and Shorts Forever 21 | Tights Addition-Elle

The weather is nice despite there being snow on the ground. Enough for me to take pictures outside sans jacket, at least! I know a lot of people hate shorts with tights but I love them - it feels like wearing a skirt, and I don't feel self-conscious sometimes when the wind blows your skirt up. Paired with these really super-opaque and thick Addition-Elle tights, it's perfect!

Friday, December 16, 2011


Now that I'm finally done school, I can post outfits. Today I wore this out to go Christmas shopping (t'was a bust) and go on a date with my boyfriend because we haven't been spending time with each other since he works a lot and it was exam season - so it was nice to go out without exam anxiety looming over our heads. This outfit is fairly simple... no bells and whistles. Also, indoor shooting sucks (I forgot to use my other lens) so this is the only picture I have today.

Jumper Gap | Peter Pan Collar Top Dorothy Perkins | Skirt Forever 21 | Tights Addition-Elle | Shoes and Belt Thrifted

I think I'm getting the winter blues - or just vacation blues in general. What to do when I'm not studying? I'm extremely bored at home - playing the Sims 3 just doesn't cut it. I also haven't found a good television show to watch either. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

210. (Bonjour, Sacramento!)

Ugh. I KNOW I'm very late on this, but here's October's blogger for my Bonjour, ____ series.

With that out of the way, October's featured blogger is Sacramento from Mis Papelicos blog. She's a Spanish blogger who is so chic and creative with her outfits, I want to dress that nice when I grow up! Seriously, she's one of my style inspirations. Not only is she beautiful on the outside, but she is such a nice person, one of the friendliest bloggers I've ever known on the internet (where else do you meet bloggers anyways?) ANYWAYS, she's totally badass and I'm so happy she agreed to be featured on my blog! Truly, it was difficult to choose only a few outfits from her blog to show on my own, because I love them all. Seriously.

Tell us a bit about yourself. Anything at all.I am An English- Spanish teacher and Nutritionist who has been madly in love with fashion all her life. I see fashion as a means of self expression through clothes.

What made you want to be a fashion blogger?I have been keeping notes and cut-outs in notebooks, (that´s why the name of my blog: MIS PAPELICOS - my little papers or cut-outs) for as long as I can remember, so when my daughter started a blog for her business, I decided to have a go, and start my own.

Do you think age matters in the fashion blogging world? Most bloggers are very young, thin  and pretty, but times are changing

Do you believe that there is any prejudice against older bloggers? Age is just a number and it is what you have to say what should really matter. 

You have wonderful style! Where do you like to shop?99% of the time I shop second hand: vintage markets, car boot sales… and of course Ebay.
They are like my children. How can I choose one?

Who is your style inspiration, or WHAT inspires you?Everything and everybody inspires me: magazines, art, bloggers, and the clothes themselves…

What is that one piece of clothing that you absolutely LOVE?

Skirts, all my skirts! [...] Boots, I adore, too...

What are some of your favourite blogs? We're always looking for new blogs to read.
Everybody in my blogroll is there for a reason. Do check it.

Any last words before we wrap this up?
Thank you so much my dear Gazel for these fantastic questions, and for your feature.

And that's it for October's feature. Yeah, I apologize for being stupidly late in that regard... watch for the upcoming November and December features!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

209. (Outfits I've never published... until now.)

Sometimes, I'm too lazy to post an outfit post. Sometimes, I feel like maybe the outfit doesn't warrant it's own entry? Either way, just as the title says... it's outfits I've never posted until now. Think of it as a compilation of blooper shots. Yeah, that's what it is. This ranged throughout the year.

Top, Cardigan and Shoes Thrifted | Skirt and Scarf F21 | Tights Sears | Socks Joe Fresh

Top and Shoes Thrifted | Tights Addition-Elle | Belt and Skirt ASOS

Top Zara | Shorts and Belt ASOS | Tights Addition-Elle | Shoes Style 369

Top and Jacket ASOS | Scarf Spring | Skirt F21 | Tights Walmart | Shoes Thrifted

Top Old Navy | Cardigan Ralph Lauren | Skirt ASOS | Bag Paramix | Shoes and Belt Thrifted

Cardigan Thrifted | Scarf Smart Set | Belt ASOS | Leggings and Boots Target

Top Gap | Dress ASOS | Tights Walmart | Shoes Thrifted

I'm laughing at some of them right now. I don't mind sharing the humour. :p
Until next time!

208. (Designer Wishlist...)

If money were no object, I'd go crazy on designer stuff. As much as I love thrifting (I still would do it even if I were swimming in cash), designer items are still nice. I'm just really bored these days and instead of writing my papers like a good student I'm being materialistic. But hey, isn't that what fashion blogs are about? Hee!

Givenchy flap handbag, £1,099
Proenza Schouler tote hand bag, £1,349
Yves saint laurent bag, £1,349
Proenza Schouler flap handbag, £1,079
Pocket bag, £544
ChloĆ© shoulder handbag, £1,199


Marc Jacobs shoulder handbag, £674
Mulberry oversized handbag, £1,049
Valentino genuine leather handbag, £979
Vanessa Bruno pouch handbag, £529
Lanvin tote handbag, £1,689

Here's some designer handbags I'm really loving right now. I really love satchels and simple, classic stuff. I'm not into the whole studs and zippers because personally, I'd like to be able to use stuff 40 years from now and still have it be trendy. I seriously love bags, I don't show it a lot on my blog because I'm lazy, but I think I should start showing them in my outfit posts more often. I own more than 1-2 bags, I promise. If you need some new stylish handbags, use these Vera Bradley coupons to find some cute ones!

Lanvin wedge shoes, £504
Raparo leather shoes, £354
Isabel Marant 'Hisae' Boot - Diverse -, $591
GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI 'malika' ballerina, £464

My philosophy is more or less the same with shoes. Here's some designer footwear I am loving right now too. I've been coveting for these types of shoes for ages. I'm still looking for THE perfect, good quality black oxford (that is not patent) without breaking the bank. I'm not too crazy about shoe shopping - I wear the same shoes all the time to be honest. I like flat shoes with some details on it because I like walking comfortably. I don't believe in hurting myself for the sake of fashion, I just see no point into it!

What are some stuff you're coveting for this season? I just want a cute pair of brogues, a pair of black skinny jeans that are actually skinny (and don't cost $35 to ship to Canada) and the perfect high-waist a-line black skirt. Why, oh why is it so hard to find basic stuff? Haha, well, until next time everyone!

Link to Farfetch