Monday, February 13, 2012


Stress. Stress. Stress. This is pretty much what I've been feeling 24/7 now. (Though I should get used to it since I'm aspiring for grad studies...) Part of this stress is from my 3 jobs (yes, I have 3 jobs), another is my school work, and another is the fact that I LOST MY CELLPHONE. I am in extreme panic mode right now. Oh, and I'm renewing my passport because I am going on a trip in the next few months. Blah! I can't wait for reading week.

I apologise to you all that I have not updated in a while. To be honest, I wish I could be dressing all whimsically with dresses, skirts, tights, and the shoes I want but I can't. This miserable Winnipeg winter leaves me to pick between function and style (though some of you might be wondering, "What the hell, function? She's wearing tights and shorts!" (It's comfortable and not that cold, trust me.) I wear my Doc Martens and other boots in exchange for those oxfords I long to wear. SOON, it's almost March.

Top F21 | Shorts & Belt ASOS | Cardigan Thrifted | Boots Old Navy

So yes. This is what I've been wearing most of the time. Some variation of shorts and tights with a sweater and/or cardigan. My hair is this curly naturally. It's actually getting pretty long so I think I like it like this. Oh, and I'm growing out my fringe again though I will probably end up making it blunt again.

So now that I've divulged my inner-most secrets ... how are you all? I miss blogging. I miss dressing up. Once spring arrives, I'll be seizing the opportunity. For now, this is what I got until the weather stops being ridiculous, and the streets stop being extra slippery.


  1. so so sooo pretty!!

    Happy Valentine Day!

  2. I hope that you continue  blogging. I looked through your past posts and loved so many cute outfits you wore. You wear it so well! Like you know what looks right on you, ya know. :) But even though you're keeping it super casual in the above photos, I think it still looks cute. Anything with strips is cool, lol. I'm blabbing, sorry. Hope you check out my blog, I post new photos. Take care and hope you enjoy Valentines Day. :)

  3. Hi Gazel.

    I love your blog! So original and yummi.
    Follow me :

    I want to do an interview with you. Please send me an email to

    xoxo lala

  4. maybe you should temporarily move to Michigan for the time being. We had a January with very little snow and temps around 40F. February is much colder than other winter months so far, but its still liveable. 
    Take your time, I know stress and school can lead you really burnt out. I look forward to your blog posts again when spring arrives! 

  5. You can't go wrong with stripes. :) Hope you have a breather from all your stresses coming up soon!

  6. Hmmm, I think I'll pass going to the United States, haha.
    The weather is picking up - doesnt' make it less gross though. Too much gross slush.

  7. I will check your blog out.
    I will never stop blogging... it's just I'm burnt out from school!


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