Wednesday, February 29, 2012

232. (Duchess & Duchess)

I'm a proud Canadian, just so you all know. So whenever I get to promote and blog about a Canadian company, I will jump head first. It's even better when the said company caters to plus sizes! Canada's plus size selection right now is pretty minimal, so it's always nice to try new things.

Duchess & Duchess contacted me asking me if I'd like to review their undergarments. Their selection is pretty small right now, but I'm sure in the future they will expand to bigger horizons! Their sizes go from a 1X to a 3X.

They sent me two samples - which I unfortunately, don't have my OWN photographs to provide you with - BUT, I have lovely photos from the website as you can see here.

The first pair they sent me was the hipster turquoise waves in blue. They are absolutely comfortable and fit well! I ordered a 3X, and sure enough they're a perfect fit. The fabric is comfortable and it feels like you're not wearing underwear because that's how comfortable it is! No digging into the skin or anything - bravo on this one.

The second pair I received was this lovely blushing in pink thong. I'll be honest here: I'm not a huge fan of thongs. However, these aren't annoying like other pairs I've worn and are very comfortable! Not to mention they're cute and tasteful.

Overall, I love the pieces they sent me. They're comfortable and cute. I'm not much of a "sexy" type of lingerie wearer - I prefer cute and comfort over sexy times, to be honest. If you're like me, you'll love their undies.

This is a sponsored blog spot. All opinions on this blog post are my own and not altered by the sponsor in any way. Thank you.

Monday, February 27, 2012


Dress Old Navy | Collar Romwe | Shoes Thrifted

I wore this (not-that-exciting, I know) outfit to school today to find out I didn't actually have to go to school. Ugh. Don't you hate when that happens?!

Anyways, I opted for something simple. I do wish in hindsight I wore a cardigan but the stubborn collar I wear does this weird folding-up thing and it does not look good - trust me. The shoes I'm wearing are thrifted, and only for the low price of $8.00 thanks to Value Village 50% off day (it was actually today, but I went yesterday as I had a club card there... ha ha.)

Since natural lighting was good to us, I took a picture of my other dog, Mindi. I always post Coco (the pug) on this blog and never Mindi. I think she deserves love too... she's the sweetest, nicest dog ever (and patient, as Coco never stops annoying her).

Anyways, until next time.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Romper and Belt ASOS | Shoes Thrifted | Circle lens Neo Dali

I never thought I'd ever see this romper, ever.

See, I ordered this back in December. It was part of a Christmas present my boyfriend got me but it never came. One month, two months... never saw it. So I messaged ASOS and asked, "Where's my package?!" They sent me a new package (sans romper and khaki jeans I ordered because it was sold out) and I was sad. To my surprise, my little brother calls me last Thursday to tell me that I have a huge grey package waiting for me at home.
I was staying at my dads house and my brother came to visit for the weekend and handed me the parcel. Like a child on Christmas morning, I ripped through the package to find this.

It's absolutely perfect. The design, the fit, and the pussy bow! Ugh. I am in love. I'm glad that I was reunited with this. Thank you, ASOS, for giving me a new package - you guys have killer customer service. Even though I might've not ever seen this one. I am seriously perplexed as to those who complain about ASOS "bad customer service" when they bend over backwards for me (in my experience) to get my parcel.

Today, I went out with a friend and now I'm going to my other friends birthday party. Despite having (caught another) cold, I'm going to go and have a social life before I go back to school after reading week. Oh, tomorrow is 50% off day at Value Village for those who hold membership cards. Guess who's going?! :)

Until next time.

PS: Here's a picture of me and my boyfriend. Thought I'd just drop it in here. Hehe.

Friday, February 17, 2012


Top, shoes, and cardigan Thrifted | Scarf Spring | Belt ASOS | Shorts F21

I'm convinced that if you want to have a good day - wear bright, floral, cheery clothes. I had a good day today, obviously (despite the fact that my professor is driving me and my classmates to stress and insanity). I went on (another) sushi date and ran into an old friend in the process and went shopping for a bit. (Well, more like shopping for other people, not for myself...) Oh, I also got a hair cut. I don't know if you all noticed. I'm going for the wispy-side-bang look as opposed to the blunt bangs. It's just too tiresome. Anyways...

It's reading break next week and I'm pumped. PUMPED I TELL YOU. Tomorrow, I am going thrifting with my mom! (Love ya mom, you introduced me to the world of used clothing and such.)

Buh bye, see you next time.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Top Old Navy | Collar Romwe | Skirt Thrifted, Gap | Belt ASOS | Tights Courtesy of We Love Colors | Shoes Thrifted, Steve Madden

Also, can I just gush about this collar I got from Romwe? I've been seeing it all over the blog-o-sphere and I gotta tell you, it's worth the hype. It's only $10 (free shipping too!) and it compliments any outfit. It's made of decent quality too, and you will see it more often on this blog. I also got to brag about my killer find at Value Village ... these Steve Madden flats/oxfords were only $6. They're brand new. I am absolutely in love right now. (They're wet in the pictures because I was in the snow before I took this picture, lol.)

This type of outfit is one of the outfits that I love. I love to dress all girly and whimsical-ish but the weather is gross and slushy. Today, I took the plunge. I wanted to wear something bright and girly to my last mid term before reading week so this was right up my alley. I had a pretty pleasant day (sushi date, window shopping, etc.) and I felt very "pleasant" too! Despite my tights getting soiled by the grey slush outside, all is well with the world... right now.

Monday, February 13, 2012


Stress. Stress. Stress. This is pretty much what I've been feeling 24/7 now. (Though I should get used to it since I'm aspiring for grad studies...) Part of this stress is from my 3 jobs (yes, I have 3 jobs), another is my school work, and another is the fact that I LOST MY CELLPHONE. I am in extreme panic mode right now. Oh, and I'm renewing my passport because I am going on a trip in the next few months. Blah! I can't wait for reading week.

I apologise to you all that I have not updated in a while. To be honest, I wish I could be dressing all whimsically with dresses, skirts, tights, and the shoes I want but I can't. This miserable Winnipeg winter leaves me to pick between function and style (though some of you might be wondering, "What the hell, function? She's wearing tights and shorts!" (It's comfortable and not that cold, trust me.) I wear my Doc Martens and other boots in exchange for those oxfords I long to wear. SOON, it's almost March.

Top F21 | Shorts & Belt ASOS | Cardigan Thrifted | Boots Old Navy

So yes. This is what I've been wearing most of the time. Some variation of shorts and tights with a sweater and/or cardigan. My hair is this curly naturally. It's actually getting pretty long so I think I like it like this. Oh, and I'm growing out my fringe again though I will probably end up making it blunt again.

So now that I've divulged my inner-most secrets ... how are you all? I miss blogging. I miss dressing up. Once spring arrives, I'll be seizing the opportunity. For now, this is what I got until the weather stops being ridiculous, and the streets stop being extra slippery.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


I know it's been an eternity since I posted on this blog. I apologize for this - as I am very swamped in school work, my job, and then catching my moms flu and acquiring an ear infection all in the past few weeks. I'm feeling a bit better now, thanks to some rest and medication. To celebrate going outside (in such nice weather too) I went out with my boyfriend for dinner, doing a bit of thrifting, then we went to see The Woman in Black with Daniel Radcliffe in it. (To be honest it wasn't as I was hoping... but it's worth it alone for the costume porn.)

Sweater and Shorts ASOS | Bag Old Navy | Scarf Spring | Shoes Thrifted

My outfit is not terribly exciting. To be honest it's my uniform to go to school. These days I like wearing shorts and tights rather than skirts or pants. Pants feel too constricting, while skirts feel like I'm going to moon someone because of the wind. I also got my sweater from ASOS, and I love it - right amount of bagginess, and my search for the perfect slouchy black knit sweater is done here.

Anyways. I hope to be posting regularly again soon. Once all my stuff passes, I'll be able to breathe easy. Plus, reading week is almost here too!

Until next time.